NCSL Board Meeting

Marshall High School

Falls Church VA

Jan 12, 2009

Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30PM. 

Roll call indicated the following clubs were absent: Baltimore Bays, Bowie and Damascus. Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked that the minutes be accepted from the November 10, 2008 board meeting.  Correction VYSA  workshop is January 23rd and 24th, 2009.



Claire Filemyr - Maryland Commissioner – The NCSL Rescheduling Request Forms must be submitted by the February 6th, 2009 deadline date.  NCSL Season begins Sunday April 5th.  PCA meetings have been scheduled for March 26 and April 2nd at Marshall High School.   All information concerning the meetings can be found on the NCSL Website.  Please verify the coaches in your clubs certifications are current.  Those who need certification should sign up in early March. This will assist us in ordering the correct number of workbooks needed for the scheduled classes.

Maureen Dalbec -Virginia Commissioner – reminder, please be sure to enter a full actual addresses for the fields.  This will assists when using GPS to locate a field.  This is especially important since field loading will be due soon.


Mike Basileo – Maryland Registrar – State cup applications for the U14-18 age groups can be found on the MSYSA website.  Application deadline for U14-18 is January 30, 2009 and U19 deadline is May 1st.  Maryland teams, the passes in the back are for Virginia teams only.



Lisa Wilson – Virginia Registrar – reminder, any team moving to NCSL or out of NCSL, needs to include their old team number and their new team number when handing in their packets. There are player passes for only VA teams in the back of the room.



Barry Finkelstein - R&D Chairman – introduced himself to the board – as the new R&D Chair.  Contact info – email – RDChairman@ncsl-soccer.com or RDchairman@verizon.net   Cell phone – 703-963-2884. R&D report from Ray Greenberg - Club reps please check the list of players or coaches that earned a sit-out in the fall season, approximately 20 names on list.  If there are any discrepancies please notify Ray ASAP, so the discrepancies can be resolved. Number of red cards given in last game, those individuals will have to serve their sit-outs in the first game(s) of the spring 2009 season.  Also those players/coaches that have accumulated 20 points must also sit-out.  Still looking for more members to serve on the committee so it won’t be such a burden for a small group of volunteers – need managers, administrators, or a coach.  Please take this information back to your clubs, and submit any names to Ray.



Kathleen Sessions – Administrator – Please remember to hand in your spring entry packets before leaving tonight.



Gina Clapp – Secretary – No report


Anne Maynes – Treasurer – No report


Andy Schocka – Vice President – No report



Ray Greenberg - President – Ray reported he was ready for season to get started.  The structure committee will be meeting in early February.


Questions: Teams that would like to submit any additional information about their team for the structure committee, please email to Kathleen, so she can distribute to the committee.



STAR Payment - The STAR payments are in the mail.



Gary Wheeler of MSC reported about the theft of MSC’s equipment trailer.  Good news had coverage from channel 9 – a warrant will be issued and a arrest.  Some of the goals were taken to a salvage yard in Laurel, Anne Arundel & PG County area.  If you happen to see a white cargo van with an out of state license plate pulling a white trailer, please shoot Gary an email at MSC.



Club Reps please let you teams know there is a new team administrator meeting scheduled for April 2.  Check the list to verify if your team is on the list. It will be held here at Michael Hall.  If you are a new club rep you should attend.


Motion to adjourn was unanimous.



Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Clapp, Secretary.

Next Meeting:  March 26, 2009