NCSL Board Meeting

June 17, 2014

Westin Hotel

Falls Church VA


Roll call indicated the following clubs were not in attendance:  Damascus, La Plata, Severna Park, Virginia Soccer Assoc.,

and  Woodbridge.


Call to order at 7:40pm.  Maureen Dalbec made the motion to approve the minutes, but noted that the reported VYSA fee increase of $1.00 (reflected in the minutes and discussed in May) had been delayed by VYSA.  Motion was seconded by Lisa Wilson.  Minutes approved unanimously.



NCSL Commissioners


MD Commissioner – Claire Filemyr – The dates for PCA workshops are 8/18 and 8/21.   The dates are listed on the NCSL website calendar.  All coaches who are not certified are required to attend one of those meetings.


VA Commissioner – Maureen Dalbec - no report


R&D – Alan Paez - 90 items were referred to R&D.  11 of those incidents concerned illegal player actions – must have a travel pass in U9 and U10 only.   The NCSL does not allow players to move in and out of their NCSL roster at older age groups. 


Parents and coaches were most the issues.  Coaches are there to advice players on technical skills and should not confront the referee during the game.  After the game, the manager should approach the referees to confirm the cards issued (verify team and player’s jersey number) and the score, but not to confront.


Remind your teams to submit their sit out cards.  Will post the carryover list of sit outs owed for the fall shortly.


Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – New registration procedures coming this year, Maryland is going in the same direction as Virginia with electronic registration.  On June 9, will be ready for Club Registration – as soon as the Adults at the Club level are registered the system will then be available for the team registration.  Please let your Clubs know, as soon as they set up the new season the system will be opened up for the teams.


MSYSA still feel it is important to have paper parental permission, which will be kept in a team file by the team manager.

Upload player photos and age confirmation documents will now be uploaded.  Once proof of age is uploaded there will be no need to do each seasonal year.  The Coach’s coaching license will be entered in the date base when registering the team.  Any licensed coach on a roster can upload his license.


Virginia registrar – Lisa Wilson - VA registration system is up and ready.  KidSafe has to be completed first.  If the Club hasn’t updated their information, the team cannot do their team registration.  The NCSL board was the first league to have everything done.   Player passes are in the back of the room and available for pickup.  Please take some extra passes for your WAGS Reps.  Registration training is scheduled for 6/29 at Battlefield Inn Manassas VA from 12 to 5.


NCSL Administrator – Kathleen Sessions -

Trophies are on the way – if there wasn’t an address for the coach or the manager the trophies will be sent to the NCSL Club Rep.



NCSL Secretary - No report


NCSL Treasurer – The fiscal year ends in June.  Teams that have STARS, please ask your teams to get their STAR payment cards to the NCSL office ASAP.


NCSL VP President- No Report


President’s Report – Richard Smith


Region 1 – Regional director has resigned.  Bob Palmeiro was the director for 30 years.

Some NCSL teams leave NCSL and go to Premier or Colonial League, something we deal with every season.   May be opportunity to rearrange and change the model.  Trying to localize the premier leagues and have some portion of it occur locally with a tie-in with NCSL.  There was a lot of optimism with the idea with the 15 Region Presidents.


The flex scheduling program has been good-ish.  It is a burden on the club reps with the short turn around.  Richard will work on as a summer project what we can do to open it up for the entire season. 


I have heard mentioned that members would like to have a mechanism to give feedback about referees.  Create a real mechanism for you to use probably in some type of form.  We are working on that to roll out soon.


Maureen Dalbec made motion to adjourn the meeting.  Lisa Wilson seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously.


Adjourn. At 8:15