NCSL BOD Meeting Minutes - 8-24-17

NCSL Board Meeting
August 24, 2017
Westin Tysons Corner


The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.


I.          Roll Call

Roll call indicated that the following clubs were not in attendance: Annandale Boys & Girls Club; BAYS; Broadneck SC; Culpepper Soccer Club; Fauquier Soccer Club; Fredericksburg FC; Fredericksburg Soccer Club; Freedom Soccer Club; Pasadena Soccer Club; Reston Soccer Association; Tri-County Soccer Club; Washington Soccer Club


A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the June 12, 2017 meeting. A voice vote was taken: all were in favor and the motion passed.


II.         Reports


Mike Basileo – Maryland Registrar: No report.


Carol Coulter – Virginia Registrar: Carol suggested that each club review the VYSA database to ensure that all teams registered to play in NCSL have approved rosters in the VYSA database. Carol noted that some new team managers are confused by the multi-level registration process and may need guidance.


Richard emphasized that US Club rosters are not acceptable for NCSL play. They must be US Youth Soccer rosters.


Maureen Dalbec – NCSL Commissioner: Maureen asked club reps to remind their teams that club reps are the liaison between the teams/club and the league. Teams should not be contacting the league directly unless the league has initiated contact.


Maureen Dalbec for Alan Paez – NCSL Rules & Discipline: Maureen reminded everyone to check the Sit-outs Owed List, which is posted online. If a sit out was done last year, submit the card to the committee.


Maureen asked club reps to review the team contact information in the NCSL database to ensure it is current.


For U12 and older teams, player’s names and jersey numbers must be entered into the database. For U12-U13 only, STARs information must be entered. These two pieces of information must be entered by September 9 or a fine will be incurred. There is a $50 fine if the league has to enter jersey numbers. There is a $50 per game fine if STARs are not listed (maximum fine of $50, regardless of whether only one or no STARs are listed).


In response to a question, Richard noted that the referee recertification period for this year is closed.


In response to a question, Maureen noted that STARs training is done by the states. Richard noted that there are some classes available with online portions, with the remainder conducted in person. All referee certification requires some amount of in-person training. The online/in-person combination training for Grade 9 is the easiest training to take. Both Virginia and Maryland offer these classes.


There was a question about the consequences of teams whose STARs do not show up for a game. There have been some experiences of team needing to provide both STARs for games when the other team does not provide a STAR. Richard noted that there is currently no penalty, but the Board could consider that option.


Richard noted that the current shortage of referees make the STARs program necessary.


Carol Montoya – NCSL Secretary: No report.


Kathleen Sessions – NCSL Administrator: Kathleen emailed the new Flex Rescheduling form to club reps. The file includes in the instructions to complete the form. Rain dates cannot be used as reschedule dates; Kathleen asked reps to review forms to make sure these dates aren’t requested. In addition, she requested that permits for the fields for requested dates be entered into the system when the forms are submitted.


If there is a State Cup conflict, club reps should notify Kathleen, along with the game number. Conflicts should be reported only after the schedule is confirmed. Games rescheduled for State Cup conflicts can Flex rescheduled as well.


In response to a question, Richard and Kathleen noted that games can be rescheduled for Columbus Day weekend, if the clubs can find a field. However, finding referees on that weekend may provide difficult.


Anne Maynes – NCSL Treasurer: No report.


Eric Popiel – NCSL Vice President: No report.


Richard Smith – President: Richard noted that the Flex Rescheduling process has been changed to address the needs of the teams, referees, and the league. A new process for Flex Rescheduling has been instituted:


For games currently scheduled to be played over the first three weeks of September (game dates are Sept. 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, and 24), Flex Rescheduling forms must be received by Kathleen by 5:00 pm on August 31, 2017.

For games scheduled to be played after the first three weeks of September Flex Rescheduling forms must be received by Kathleen by 5:00 pm on September 19, 2017.


Rained out games can be rescheduled using Flex Rescheduling. The deadline for the Form is 10:00 am on the Tuesday following the reschedule.


Kathleen and Richard have been working to close gaps in the schedule and remove solo games, to make referee assigning easier. When the Fall schedule was released, the schedule for small sided games was fairly complete. There have been some changes made to full-sided games, but as of the meeting, very few additional changes to the schedule are expected.


Richard noted that club reps should review rescheduling requests to make sure that the change makes sense for the club, not just the team making the request (e.g., does the change create a gap or solo game, which will make it more difficult to find referees).


Richard reported high attendance for the first New Team Administrators Meeting on August 21. Another meeting will be held August 28. Any team that has not played in NCSL in the past two seasons is considered a new team. A new team list was circulated to club reps; if a team is erroneously on the list, notify Kathleen or Dottie immediately. No one can represent more than one team at the New Team meeting. There is a $250 fine for not attending the New Team Administrators Meeting.


Dottie will be reviewing fines before September 9. All rosters and jersey numbers must be entered, or a fine will be levied.


TSLs are still required for each game and must be listed on the game card. There is no fine for not having a TSL, but it *is* a mandatory program.


The PCA requirement has been eliminated.


Richard is reviewing updates to the R&P Manual and expects the final version to be posted to the website early next week.


There are still issues with the club pass system. Club pass players must:


  • Be a travel player with the same club for the team for which they are guesting (provide a copy of their team’s roster as proof);
  • Have a US Youth Soccer player card; and
  • Be age appropriate (can play up, NOT down).


Club pass players must be reported on the blue game card.


It’s difficult to have referees be the first line of defense to enforce the club pass policy because of the variety of rules across leagues.


US Youth Soccer has made changes to its bylaws, removing the Regional Director position. Each state sends a representative to a Regional Council, and those councils elect a director to represent the region at the national level. All decisions will be made at the national level rather than the regional level going forward.


III.        New Business


Motion to Eliminate Application Restrictions: Vienna Youth Soccer has offered a motion to remove the 80-team per age group restriction at the U12, U13 and U14 levels and to remove the restrictions on the numbers of teams that can be entered in any given age group. OGBC seconded. A voice vote was taken: all were in favor and the motion passed.


Blue game cards were made available to club reps at the meeting. Richard noted a type: there are no more U20 players (the cards say U19-20).


The meeting adjourned at 8:41 p.m.