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  • NCSL Spring 2017 Club Teams
    BU12 Division 1 NB0544 STAF Revolution 05B Blue
    BU12 Division 9 NB0545 STAF Revolution 05B White
    BU13 Division 1 NB0401 STAF Revolution 04B Blue
    BU13 Division 6 NB0477 STAF Revolution 04B White
    BU14 Division 1 NB0344 STAF Revolution 03B Blue
    BU14 Division 7 NB0345 STAF Revolution 03B White
    BU15 Division 1 NB0231 STAF Revolution 02B Blue
    BU15 Division 6 NB0232 STAF Revolution 02B White
    BU16 Division 5 NB0130 STAF Revolution 01B Blue
    BU17 Division 1 NB0026 STAF Revolution 00B Blue
    BU17 Division 4 NB0027 STAF Revolution 00B White
    BU18 Division 1 NB9923 STAF Revolution 99B Blue
    BU18 Division 3 NB9924 STAF Revolution 99B White
    GU12 Division 1 NG0530 STAF Revolution 05G Blue
    GU13 Division 1 NG0401 STAF Revolution 04G Blue
    GU14 Division 1 NG0328 STAF Revolution 03G Blue
    GU14 Division 6 NG0365 STAF Revolution 03G White
    GU15 Division 1 NG0231 STAF Revolution 02G Blue
    GU16 Division 2 NG0122 STAF Revolution 01G Blue
    GU16 Division 4 NG0123 STAF Revolution 01G White
    GU17 Division 1 NG0017 STAF Revolution 00G Blue
    GU19/20 Division 2 NG9807 STAF Revolution 98G Blue
      Club Field Directions
    Duff Green Park #1 Duff Green Park #2 Embrey Mill Athletic Fields #1
    Embrey Mill Athletic Fields #4 Embrey Mill Athletic Fields Field #2 Embrey Mill Athletic Fields Field #3
    Embrey Mill Athletic Fields Field #4A Embrey Mill Athletic Fields Field #4B
      Club Contact Information
    Referee Assignor
      Jack Hitchens 
      (H) 540-785-6899   (W) 540-847-2951 

      Sean Harrigan 
      (H) 540-659-4990 
     (C) 540-907-9796 
    General Manager
      Barry Hill 
      (H) 540-207-3605 

    Travel Director
      Renee Frey 
      (H) 540-318-6026 
     (C) 571-237-9774 
    Field Coordinator
      Monica Lovett-Groat 

     (C) 757-685-1175 
    Director of Player Development U12 & Under
      Nick Fogleson 

     (C) 540-903-6010 
    Director of Player Development U13 & Up
      Fernando Ramos 

     (C) 540-903-6010 
    Field Coordinator - Backup 1
      Barry Hill 

     (C) 540-207-3605 
    NCSL Club Rep
      Vincent Yates 
      (H) 540-657-5962   (W) 703-432-8355   (C) 540-273-7515   (F) 703-221-7862