The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM.


Tonights meeting is a little different; we have the end of the year meeting, adjourn and then have the annual general meeting for approval of actions and elections.


Roll call showed a quorum.  Clubs not present: Alexandria, Baltimore Bays, Severna Park and Stafford.


Motion to accept minutes from the last meeting.  Motion passes.


Ray Greenberg-R&D-the season started off slow but ended with a flurry of terminated games, none of them weather related.  There were 4 protests, 2 were granted, 1 was withdrawn and 1 was denied. 13 terminated matches, one case of referee abuse which went to VYSA,  resulting in a 3 game suspension imposed by VYSA, two cases of referee assault which have been referred to MSYSA and are currently pending. One case of the coach who repeatedly failed to set-out a league imposed suspension; this resulted in 3 games being declared forfeits, the coach suspended for one year and a fine of $800.00 assessed against the team.


Roger Ney-Treasurer-asked Jeff to report that we will have a significant overage in the referee account because of rescheduled games, games called for rain, etc.


Mike Basileo-Md. Registrar- packets for each Md. Team will include a sheet with highlights for registration.  Packets not accepted until 1st of August.


Gloria Gallagher-Va. Registrar- Registration packets are ready for the Va. Teams.  There will be a message on the web site for VA. Teams.  Use the same envelope for the entire year.  Your information must be in the white envelope.  All calls go through the club rep

Capital Cup teams will need their old rosters and old player passes to participate.  Contact your registrar to drop off materials as soon as Capital Cup is over.  Roster pro is up and ready.  Make a backup each time you submit a roster to roster pro.


John Ellis-Consultant for Player Development-Clubs should be thinking of getting coaches qualified.  There are a lot of courses in July and August.  Contact John at 703-385-0150 to find out where the classes are in VA and MD.


Kathleen Sessions-Administrator-This was a most challenging season.  Thanks to the club reps for all of your help, there were a lot of e-mails.  In a normal season, out of 2300 games, you reschedule 1600.  In the fall 2575 were rescheduled, this spring 4230 games were rescheduled.  There were only 14 games that did not play.


Jeff Skigen-Presidents report-Incredible job was done by coaches, club reps, referee assignors and Kathleen.  We felt every game counted.  We did waive the 48 hour time frame in some cases.  If teams have problems, please remember that the officers and commissioners are available for you to call.  If something is not right, please let us know.  Part of the problem with rescheduling had to do with the lack of enforcement for the # of fields per team.  There must be 1 field for every 4 teams.  Next season they will also look at sizes of fields.  A full-sized field for a U9 team does not work.


Congratulations to those clubs with teams that won state cup and are going to regionals.  NCSL does subsidize teams going to regionals.


Capital Cup has been moved to August after 17 years at Thanksgiving.  It will take awhile for everyone to adjust to the new time.  Teams will use the old player passes and the old rosters.


Welcome to Jim Bonfils who was elected to Boys North Travel in the VYSA board.  He will represent NCSL and ODSL.


The Womens World Cup will have a game at RFK on Sept. 21.  WAGS will schedule no games that day.  NCSL will schedule games but will grant any request to not play that day.  Need at least 7 days notice for Kathleen so she can cancel the game and reschedule.


Motion: To add to the Fall 2003 NCSl manual, section G, at the end of section 6 the following wording:

If a team does not submit the appropriate sit-out report, all games played between the game in which the sit out occurred will be forfeited.

At the end of section 6 :

If a team does not submit the appropriate sit-out report before the next NCSL game the team plays, all games played between the game in which the sit out should have occurred to the game where the proper sit out occurred will be forfeited.

Motion made by DC Stoddert, seconded by Herndon.

Motion defeated.


Motion: To accept Winchester United as a member club of the NCSL.

Motion made by Herndon, seconded by Arlington.

Motion defeated.


Motion: To accept Premier Athletic Club as a member club of the NCSL.

Motion made by Herndon. 

Motion dies from lack of a second.


Motion: To accept Northern County Soccer Alliance as a member club of the NCSL.

Motion made by Herndon, seconded by Frederick Excel.

Motion defeated by a roll call vote, 579 to 349.


Motion:  To accept Ashburn Soccer Club as a member club of the NCSL.

Motion made by Herndon, seconded by Arlington.

Motion passes.


Motion:Change in rescheduling rules:  The Home team has 72 hours from the scheduled match time to attempt to reschedule the match within the next two weeks according to a schedule agreeable to you and the other coach.  To do so, you should:

            Contact your Clubs field representative and determine options available for dates, fields and time.

            Get agreement from the other coach.

            Reschedules can be made for any day of the week.  Weekend reschedules must leave equitable travel time for both teams between games.

            Every effort should be made to leave the original Home game at Home, however priority is to accomplish the match within the two weeks of the postponement.

            Upon agreement on game date, time and location Home team notifies the Club field assignor, NCSL representative and the NCSL Administrator.

The NCSL Administer will change the schedule and website, and send an e-mail notification to all team personnel involved as well as the referee assignor, when the change is official.  The NCSL Administrator will contact the Home Clubs NCSL Representative and referee assignor if additional Referees are required to cover rescheduled match.  Clubs may not use End of Season League rain out days for rescheduling without direct consultation with the NCSL Administrator.

After the 72 hour window has elapsed, the NCSL Administrator will reschedule all undefined matches without team or Club involvement.

Motion made by Little River, seconded by Team America.

Motion defeated.


Motion to adjourn by Herndon.

Meeting adjourned at 9:47PM.