NCSL Meeting Minutes of August 28, 1997

Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM.

Roll call showed a quorum.

Motion to approve minutes of last BOD meeting was seconded and passed.

Treasurer's report-Roger Ney
A bookkeeper was hired in July. Debbie Unger is a private contractor who has experience in the soccer world. The budget is half a million now and the need was felt for a simplification of financial reports, audited review of records,and continuity. The estimated cost is around $2,000 and will be taken from the budgeted item for professional and legal services for this budget period.

R&D-Roy Greenberg
At the June 19 meeting a delinquent list was handed out, this gave everyone time to correct and comment. Final list of sitouts to begin the fall season has been placed in every notebook, There are some multiple sitouts of coaches who did not make their players sit in a timely fashion.

Scorekeeper- Carol Baker
Requests that the club reps take home packets for the scorekeepers in their clubs.

Administrator-Kathleen Sessions
There is a new proceedure for the packets. Each club rep gets a purple card which lists the # of notebooks due their club, then the club rep will proceed to the distribution point where they will receive the notebooks. There are two drops in the last 24 hours: U16 Div. 3 Severna Park and U19 Div 2 Springfield. Please put team #'s on blue cards.

President- Jeff Skigen
A U10 meeting was held Tuesday night for the coaches and managers. John Ellis, Dr. Mark Madden, Scott Meyer, Carole baker, Ray Greenberg and Kathleen Sessions presented. The meeting was well recieved with a good question and answer session at the end.

New laws briefly -

  • Opening coin toss--player must select which goal they wish to attack.
  • Free kick, ball must be touched forward to put it into play--player may not touch the ball a second time until another player has touched it.
  • In a penalty kick, the goal keeper may move from left to right along the goal line.
  • No longer allowed to throw the ball in to the goalkeepers hands.
  • May score directly from a kickoff or goal kick.
  • Goalkeeper has 5/6 seconds to release the ball.
  • During a penalty kick, everyone but the goalkeeper must be behind the ball.
US vs Jamaica on Oct. 3 - World Cup Qualifier - need volunteers to hand out fliers, will get into the game free.

There will be another State of the League meeting in January. At this time we need to think about the job of the NCSL. Should it be only administrative or should the league get significantly involved in the development of players.

John Newland has a committee to develop criteria for new teams entering the league. This committee will have a report by the midseason meeting.

A committee will be established by Jeff Skigen to look at the U10 problem. Report to be submitted at midseason meeting.

Jim Ferguson will head an operations committee to review the operations of the league. All officers are accessible at anytime. Please contact one of the officers with questions about the league.

New Business

Vista--fire at Kinchloe totally destroyed the barn and all their equipment.

Motion: Move that we financially support Vista. Seconded.

Amendment: Add the amount of $500. Seconded. Amendment passes.

Motion passes.

Motion: To increase the donation of $500. by $1500. for a total of $2,000. Motion passed.

Old Business

Bylaw issues will be included in Jim Ferguson's committee and a report will be given at the midseason meeting.

Mike Gardiner from VYSA reports that three people have been suspended for three years. These people may not coach or work with soccer in any club. The three are: Oscar Navarro, Jerry Brown and Pete England.

Meeting adjourned.