NCSL Meeting Minutes of May 13, 1998

Meeting called to order at 6:15PM at RFK Stadium.

Roll call delayed waiting a quorum.

Officer's reports:

Va. Commissioner, Jim Fraze:
Out of weekends to reschedule makeups.

R&D, Ray Greenberg:
There is a handout of midseason points, please go back and notify teams. It only lists players and coaches with 15 or more points. There was a discussion about the rules if a game is terminated and must be replayed. If the game is terminated, the cards count and the sit out will count. If the game is terminated because of a forfeit the night before, the sit out will have to be at the next game. If the game is forfeited at the field, and the card is filled out properly, it counts as a sit out.

Roll call shows still one short of a quorum.

Treasurer, Roger Ney:
Kathleen Sessions prepared an office budget and Jim McGoldrick did a budget on referees. Other budget changes: VYSA fees have increased $1.00; estimate the new computer program for scheduling will cost about $5,000; and a fee is included for developing and maintaining a web page. A proposal is made to increase club fees from $75.00 to $150.00 a season. This is in order to build a larger contingency fund than we have at present. A contingency fund could be needed for legal fees, possibility of a field conplex, etc. Budget will be voted on at the next meeting.

At this time Keven Payne was introduced by Fred Matthes, director of sales for D.C. United. Keven Payne welcomed the NCSl and then asked for our help to reach out to the community for support for D.C. United and soccer to a higher livel. D.C. United wants to work with youth groups and will be calling us to see is there are some people in our individual clubs willing to put together groups to come and watch a soccer game.

Roll call shows a quorum.

Clubs not attending: Annandale, Arlington, Arundel, Baltimore Football, Bowie, Columbia Soccer , Damascus, Eastern Panhandle, Falls Church, Frederick, Loudoin, Olney, Reston, Savage, Soccer Club of Baltimore, Seneca, Sterling, Stoddert, Waldorf, Wheaton and Winchester.

There is a correction to the minutes from the last meeting. The clubs of Western Howard and La Plata were present. Rest of the minutes were approved.

Adminstrator, Kathleen Sessions reports she is trying to reschedule rainouts. Season ends June 14.

WAGS Administrator Patty Freeman has resigned, the new administrator is Robin Miller. WAGS and NCSL meeting to talk about issues of scheduling.

Nominating Chairman, Jim Ferguson is looking for volunteers for the committee from Md. and Va. He is also looking for nominations, be prepared to give some background on the person.

President, Jeff Skigen:
VYSA has passed approval of a new team type called a League Select Team. This is for tournament play only and will allow players to be rostered for two teams. The tournament team will be for one tournament only and the secondary pass will be for the one tournament only. State registrars will be handling these teams. This is effective now.

New Business:
Jeff Skigen suggested that the initial meeting in August for U10 teams be made mandatory. A representative will be sent or your team will not play in the league.

Motion: NCSL will sponsor a mandatory U10 meeting prior to each fall season. Motion passed.

League size. Three or four years ago we voted to limit the size of the league because of a limit in the number of referees and fields. We thought the rec. programs would keep the 6th and 7th division teams. Competition for fields and referees has continued to grow, should we remove the league size rules? We are not developing soccer players, we are developing teams. Should we have a tryout division to let teams in after U10? Is it time to consider a premier league? Discussion followed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25P.M.