NCSL Meeting Minutes of Nov. 19,1998

Meeting called to order at 7:33PM.

Roll call shows a quorum.

Clubs not present: Annandale, Arundel, Baltimore Football, Bowie, Burtonsville, Columbia Soccer, Damascus, Eastern Panhandle, Falls Church, Fairfax Police, Freestate, La Plata, Mid-County, Prince William, Reston, Sterling, Stoddert, Southwestern, Springfield, Takoma Park, and Wheaton. President's Report:
Capital Cup has best U19's in country. The schedule is on table up front.

We need a replacement for Linda Johnson as referee assignor. Have some applicants, anyone interested see Jeff.

Our league select team has been rostered and will be playing in San Diego on Thanksgiving weekend. The committee will be reviewing the entire process when they return and will report in the spring with some guidelines.

The statistics on referees were gathered in scorekeeping. There is some percentage of error but the assumption was made that if it was not reported, the referees were there. On the first weekend in the U10-12 group, there was 90% coverage. In the U13-19, 84% had a 3 man team, 9% had a 2 man team and 6% had a 1 man team. Weeks 2,3 and 4 were not as good but this is attributed to the scheduling problems that caused so many games to be re-scheduled. Overall in the U13-19 group: 77% were fully covered, 12% had a 2 man team, 8% had 1 man, and 2% were uncovered. In the U10-12 group, 95% were covered. There will be another opportunity to cross check this when the referees are paid.

We need someone to chair a referee committee to look into the problems we are having attracting and holding referees.

R&D-Ray Greenberg:
Thanks to Jim Fraze, Jeff Rodway, Mary Bland, Chris Garrett, Jim Yacobi, Nancy Fuge, Helmut Schworer and Russ Horn for their work on the R&D Committee. We had three cases of referee abuse this season, they were referred to the state of Virginia; four protests that went to hearing; and six terminated games. The handout shows that the compliance with sit-outs is the best of any season. Everyone on the list will owe a sit-out in the spring season.

Registrars-Md. Mike Basilio:
There is a new proceedure to register players as a guest for tournament play.

New Business:
John Newman has a report on a new club seeking membership, Blue Ridge. A motion was made to accept the committee's recommendation not to accept. Motion seconded and passed.

The following motion was made by Ray Greenberg:

  • Part A: For the Spring 1999 season and each season thereafter, all teams will be required to submit an e-mail address on their application for league play.
  • Part B: For the Spring 1999 season and each season thereafter, all NCSL club representatives will be required to submit an e-mail address.
The motion is seconded and passed.

A presentation was made by Kathleen Sessions and Jay Baker from Demosphere on his communication system which includes a scheduling program. In the spring of 1999 a web site will be available with information about the NCSL as well as scheduling and up to the minute updates.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25PM.