NCSL Board of Directors Meeting - June 17, 1999

Meeting called to order at 7:40PM.

Roll call shows a quorum.

Clubs not present:
Annandale, Bowie, Falls Church, Loudoun, Mid-County, Reston, Savage, Soccer Club of Baltimore, Stoddert, Springfield Takoma Park, Wheaton, and Winchester.

President's Report: 
Our mandatory U9-U10 meeting for new teams entering the league will be September 1 in the Marshall High School Auditorium at 7:30PM. A representative from each team must be there or the team is disqualified from play in the fall season.
Still looking for a place to hold meetings in Maryland.
NCSL Premier Meeting: A meeting was held last night of people who had expressed an interest in a premier league. The objective is to give the top teams an opportunity to play more games on a voluntary basis with no impact on the rest of the league.. This does not mean that every team in Division 1 is a premier team. The major concerns are that the premier could become magnets for better players and the question of what age do you begin. Starting too early could impact player development. The idea is to have a tournament type environment with multiple games and no trophies. Implementation would be in one or two age groups . If this is approved the President will put a committee together to set this up. It would be completely voluntary with no impact on the rest of the league. No select teams would be allowed, this is for league teams.
Motion: Permission to form an ad-hoc committee to implement NCSL premier play . It will be entirely voluntary and will not impact on league play, limited to 2 age groups.
Motion made by Laurel. Seconded by Gunston.
Motion passes.

Registrar - Maryland
New materials were sent to club reps from the Md. State office.

Registrar - Virginia
The disc handed out has a virus, don't use. The correct stuff has been e-mailed.

Kathleen Sessions
The field form has been revised. You will need extra help and time to complete the field forms. Must send them to Kathleen Sessions. The fee form and the field form will be e-mailed. You can return by e-mail but must also send hard copy with the check.

New Business:
A motion is made to accept the July 1999-June 2000 calendar.
Motion made by Team America. Seconded by Vista.
An amendment is made to change the date fall entries are due from July 5 to July 6. 
Motion made by Fort Washington. Seconded by CSC.
Motion is amended.
Motion passes

Motion to accept the budget as presented.
Motion made by Stafford. Seconded by Herndon.
Motion passes.

Motion: TASC must, by July 6, 1999, be in total compliance with the field/team ratio, outlined in the NCSL Rules & Procedures Manual, or no longer be a member of the NCSL.
The fields submitted by this deadline, must be available for scheduling without restrictions for the entire Fall 1999 season.
If TASC fails to comply with this, all teams in the club will be informed by the league that teams must transfer to another existing club in order to play Fall 1999.
This would affect all existing and any new teams that TASC is proposing for membership for the 1999-2000 season.
Motion made by Vista. Seconded by Severna Park.
Motion passes.
Motion: That applications from the Crofton and Calverton soccer clubs be approved and that both clubs become members of the NCSL effective immediately.
Motion made by Vista. Seconded by Fort Washington.
Motion passes.

Old Business:
R& D motion presented by Mary Bland for Ray Greenberg.
Motion made by Potomac. Seconded by Alexandria.
Motion tabled for the next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 9:20PM.