NCSL Meeting Minutes of May 10, 1999

Meeting called to order at 7:35PM

Roll call does not show a quorum.

Clubs not present: Annandale, Alexandria, Arundel, Betheseda, Bowie, Burtonsville, Chantilly, Eastern Panhandle, Falls Church, Great Falls, Laurel, LaPlata, Loudoun, Manassas, Mid-County, Reston, Savage, Soccer Club of Baltimore, Seneca, Sterling, Stoddert, Springfield, Takoma Park, Virginia Blackwatch, Vista, Waldorf, and Western Howard.

Vice President -Jim McGoldrick
This will be my last meeting for NCSL. I have been involved for 20 to 25 years in all different offices and capacities. Have enjoyed it and wish you the very best. Would like to see a Maryland person as Vice President to keep some geographical distribution. Jeff Skigan then presented Jim with a plaque to thank him for all his contributions to the league. We will miss you.

Treasurer-Roger Ney
Any questions on the budget. Our fees are down this year. The use of e-mail and the internet has created savings in paper and postage. The budget is out 30 days in advance. It will be voted on at the final meeting of the year.

R&D-Ray Greenberg
Web and e-mail helpful to him. Handout to clubs is also posted on the web. Each season we have a few terminated games, usually by actions of the players. This season they are parent related. This is an alarming trend of parents verbally and physically attacking referees.

State Registrar, Maryland-Ed Vasilio
MD. is working on an electronic registration.

Virginia registrars-
There will be a mandatory meeting for D.C. and Virginia teams devoted to registration . There are a variety of problems of people not understanding the rules that will be best solved by a meeting. All registration materials will be handed out then. There must be one person from each team, preferably the person handling the registration. The meeting will be at Marshall High School on June 7th. Check the web site for further information.

Scorekeeper-Carol Baker
Each age group is entering the scores on the web site. Seems to be working out well.. We are continuing to take a tally of referee coverage at games.

President's Report-Jeff Skigan
Phil Caramanica has agreed to be the tournament director for the Capital Cup. Phil was introduced and made a plea for volunteers. A sign up sheet was sent around the meeting, or you can call or e-mail him. Information is on the Web site.

Jim Ferguson has agreed to chair the nominating committee for officers for next year. He needs volunteers for his committee. If interested, call him.

NCSL is looking for a site in Maryland that we could use for a meeting. That way we can alternate Maryland and Virginia.

John Newman is still in New York getting treatment. We need a couple of more people to get involved in the committee to check out new clubs wanting admittance. If interested, please give Jim Fraze or Jeff Skigan a call.

At this point Jeff opened the floor for comments on the new technology. While some people would find it more efficient to have the e-mail address for all teams, other people want more privacy, not less. The suggestion for e-mail aliases was made. There is also the possibility to sell banner advertising for the web site. The NCSL would maintain absolute control to approve advertising. Lots of positive statements, rescheduling much easier, people enjoy looking at the standings,etc. Request for indexing was made so people could jump back to the front. Also a request for the field loading for each club. The field loading is a privacy issue for some clubs. We cannot stop printing schedules until teams agree to have their contacts on the web site but may print just the team contacts side next fall.

Calendar will be voted on at the year end meeting. Would like to change this to the mid-season meeting so that the handouts are accurate for the last meeting. Accuracy for team fees would also be easier if the budget is voted on at mid-season. The major problem is if we will have a quorum.

Va. Assignor-Mike Newman
Players good, coaches good, he is getting more and more referees reporting lots of problems with the parents and spectators.

Is it time to move the parents back with the coaches? The parents are frustrated because they have no way to complain. Tell them to talk to the club reps who will then contact the assignors and R&D. One problem is that the parents are paying coaches and therefore taking control of the team. We are having a significant shortage of referees because we lose too many beginning referees. We complain about referees and then drive them off. The suggestion was made by Jim McGoldrick that we call the state referee office and get someone out to practice to talk to parents and kids. Go to a game that you have no responsibility for and listen to what goes on.

Motion tabled for next meeting.

The D.C. United team that went to France had a fantastic experience.