NCSL Board of Directors Meeting - October 4, 1999

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM.

No roll call because there was no quorum.

R&D-Ray Greenberg - Lots of calls and e-mails on problems this past weekend. Many parents have lost control and that is affecting coaches and players.

VaRegistrar - Gloria Gallagher - With 10 registrars they registered over 4,000 boys and girlsPlease be kinder to the registrarsIf you know anyone who would like to be a registrar, please let the NCSL know.

At this point we spent some time identifying items that are priorities between coaches, club reps, the administrator, referee assignors and coaches.


  1. good referee coverage
  2. quality of fields
  3. players being able to make games
  4. level of competition
  5. coaches conflict if have more than one team
  6. problem parents
  1. follow NCSL rules and procedures
  2. stack games for better referee coverage
  3. get changes to assignors in timely fashion
  4. get games played as quickly as possible
  5. field availability
  6. minimize changes
Club Reps:
  1. coverage
  2. efficient field use
  3. field preparation and availability
  4. home games
  5. quick rescheduling
  6. no club rep hassle
  7. exceptions to norm
  8. timely and accurate information
Referee assignors divide issue into initial and rescheduling:
  1. field loading
  2. flexible rescheduling
  3. regionalize
  4. match referee competence with game level
  5. information visibility
  1. fields need to be available-quantity
  2. coaching conflicts
At this point Mike Newman gave a presentation on scheduling issues from the referee assignment perspective with examples of scheduling that aids coverage and scheduling that hinders coverage. He then talked about rescheduling and gave examples of what had to be done to get each game changed. The rescheduling problems are: volume of changes, not enough time to fix and assign, and schedule incompatibilities. His recommendations are: reschedule unplayed games no sooner than two weeks hence, spread out large numbers of rescheduled games, "regionalize" Saturday reschedules, and reshuffle adjacent games affected by cancellation or added game.

Top 5 priorities:

  1. full coverage of referees
  2. regionalize
  3. re-evaluation of field resources
  4. home games
  5. minimize change
We do not have enough fields , we must use them better. We do not have enough referees, we must use them better. Priorities will have to change. Go back to clubs and think of some solution.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30PM.