NCSL Board of Directors Meeting - August 31, 2000

Meeting called to order at 7:35PM.

Roll call showed a quorum.

All clubs were present.

Correction to the minutes of June 22, 2000: The correct motion was: The budget including the hiring of a second employee was approved subject to the implementation proposal for the second employee must be presented to the Board of Directors.. Little River was present.

Minutes approved with changes.

On the game cards, which go through the mail, the players name and social security are listed in the roster section. All people who handle these cards have access to this information. If you would prefer, you may just put the last four digits of the social security number, but we do need to have a roster on file so that we can match names.

New club reps feel free to call a club rep that is near you if you have any questions. Anyone who would be willing to be a mentor for new club reps, please let Kathleen know.

Treasurers Report-Roger Ney- Still compiling information on actual referee fees for the spring season.

R&D-Ray Greenberg-The committee with require disciplinary sit-outs for a coach who does not have his player sit-out. If players and coaches change teams, they are still responsible for the sit-out. If a coach has two teams, he does the sit-out with the team he was coaching when he earned the sit-out. If that team is gone, he does the sit-out with his other team. In the June meeting status reports were handed out. It is also posted on the web site.

VYSA has a new regulation that states that if a coach is ejected from a game and comes back to cause a problem, he is subject to a hearing and a minimum 3 game suspension.

Md. Registrar-Mike Basilo-All forms except the roster and cards are on the Md. Web site. The web site Players registration site is linked to the forms.

Va. Registrar-Gloria Gallagher-Va. registrars need to remind the U9 and U10 teams that only two players can play up on a team. The registration manual is a work in process but is on the NCSL web site now. Va. player status forms are available on the VYSA web site.

Scorekeeper-Carol Baker-Scorekeeping will be done like last season. All club reps need to go to your page to click on contact point and print it off for each of your teams. The winning team, both teams if it is a tie, and both teams if the game is cancelled call in. In cases where there are 9 or 7 teams divisions, a game will count for one team but not the other. There was some discussion about whether or not teams should know. The idea of them not knowing is that we want them to play the game, if they knew if did not count, that team might forfeit which would change the standings for all teams in the division.

Demonsphere- Jay Baker- An indication has been added on the schedules to show if your game is the first or last game on the field. If you have the first game, a green dot will show on the schedule, if you have the last game it will be a purple dot. If changes are made to the schedule, the dots will be immediately changed. The club rep pages will still show the schedule by field or by date. The question was raised to try to co-ordinate the WAGS and NCSL meetings so that they get the schedule about the same time. Kathleen stated that the extra week that NCSL had made it possible to get the schedules in a more complete form since a lot of changes are made in that week. There was also a request for a date on our NCSL calendar which shows when the club reps can expect to be able to review the schedules.

Kathleen- Everything will be up tonight after midnight. Envelopes for each club contain the game cards, red cards, sideline passes, etc. which need to be distributed to the teams. If you need patches, contact Kathleen. The bad news is that there was a drop in the U9 Green group. If you have a game listed against Gunston N9225, you will have a bye that game. There were some other drops at the last minute. Those divisions will have 1 less game. Schedule changes will not be mailed out, e-mail only.

President Report-Jeff Skigen-2000 Capital Cup will be in Maryland at the new soccerplex. Nineteen of the twenty-four fields will be ready so we can hold it all in one place. The only thing that will cancel this tournament is multiple inches of snow. Linda Yard and Debbie Hunsinger will be running the tournament. Linda's e-mail if you want to volunteer is:

The U9-U10 meeting went well with 100% attendance. There were talks about referees, an orthopedic surgeon spoke and Paul Ellis gave a good talk on fun for the game and practice.

There can be no transfers from one NCSL team to another during the season. Once the first league game has been played, you may not change. You may join the team for tournaments and practices, but not league play.

The MLS Cup is October 15. If we have a request in by Sept. 15, we will try to reschedule your game so that your team can go to the game. Teams should go through the club reps. If there is no problem, Kathleen will handle it. Since it affects at least one other team and in some cases could affect other games on the field, teams could lose a home game.

Referees continue to be a problem. Discussion followed on the concept that each team in the NCSL be required to have two people that will step in as an assistant referee if needed at the game. These people will have to be trained at the assistant referee level and will be paid. Training would be paid for by NCSL and WAGS. It gets the games covered. The positives are that it allows the referee assignors to get better quality in games difficult to do rather than just filling AR slots. It also might turn out that people enjoy refereeing and therefore you increase the pool. One negative is that you might get people who are not impartial. However, the center referee is still in charge. There proved to be enough interest to go ahead with the next step, which is to plan the implementation. Any ideas, please e-mail Jeff Skigen at

New NCSL hot line telephone # is 703-237-7800.

Motion to adjourn at 9:26PM..