NCSL Board of Directors Meeting - June 22, 2000
Meeting called to order at 7:34PM.

Roll call showed a quorum.

Clubs not present: Arundel, Falls Church, Loudoun, Little River, Manassas, Mid-County, Soccer Club of Baltimore, and Washington Soccer Club.

August 13, Sunday the U.S.Women's national soccer team plays against Russia at 2:PM in Annapolis. State associations will have tickets.

Assignor Alida Pearson has resigned. We are looking for a replacement. If you know anyone who might be interested, call Jeff Skigan.

Information and registration form about Northern District ODP for Virginia is on the web site.

Vice President-Jim Yacobi- Parent Code of Conduct is on the web site. A club rep. handbook will be worked on this summer.

R & D-Ray Greenberg-A handout is available with the carry-over sit outs. If a sit out was served, make sure the paper work was turned in.

President-Jeff Skigan- We tend to look at problems. Must remember there are about 2,000 games per season with about 20 incidents that go the R&D. Better than 99% of what we do works well.

Registrar-Mike Basilo-MSYSA has approved a new ruling for U11 teams, they must have at least 7 true U11's on their roster. Driver's license is a valid proof of age. There is a 4 part permission to travel form on the Maryland web site. It can be zeroxed to use. The registration system that was used last year will be used again. Any cards, etc. that will be needed will be sent to the club reps. Club reps need to send Mike an e-mail letting him know how many teams you will have. His e-mail is mbasileo@erols.com.

Registrar-Gloria Gallagher- Registration manual will be available by July 15 on-line on the NCSL web site. That way changes can be made right away. Player status forms can now be a zeroxed copy. Fill in the original with signatures and make 3 copies. Application to travel is on the state web site. Fill in, sign it, etc. and make copies to take to the registrar. If going to a pre-season tournament, please adhere to the dates. Club reps. only may call registrars. Sent them an e-mail if you have questions. Joan Florence is an expert on provisional rosters. NCSL needs a registrar for FPYC and Vienna. Each registration packet will have a roster. Your roster must look like those rosters! If you cannot download it, make copies before you fill it in. If you are going to be doing state cup, you must have a state cup roster. Player passes and rosters must be typed for state cup. In Virginia, when a player requests to be released from your roster, after the paper work has been completed and returned to the team, registrars must have this in 72 hours. Players released before the season starts, may transfer onto a team after the season has started. It will count as a transfer.

Maryland still has the software that you can download that will print rosters and cards. It will be changed during the summer. It does say Maryland on the forms.

Kathleen Sessions- Have all the entry materials. Have 6 different versions of the fee form depending on which budget is approved tonight. Don't leave without them.

Jim Fraze-New Clubs- 
Motion made by VISTA, seconded by Severna Park.
Motion: To accept Calvert Soccer Club into the NCSL.
Motion Passes.

Motion made by EPIC, seconded by Vienna.
Motion: I would like to make the motion that the EPIC club's contingency for participation in the NCSL be changed. I propose that the EPIC Club be allowed to have a home field.
Motion defeated.

Motion made by Prince William, seconded by VISTA. 
Motion: No game shall be rescheduled within 72 hours of its scheduled time without the approval of the NCSL president, Virginia commissioner, and the Maryland commissioner. The only exceptions would be for high school games and weather related issues.
Motion withdrawn.

Motion made by Severna Park, seconded by Fort Washington.
Motion: Amend existing rules of the game for NCSL referees, such that referees must show yellow and red cards to coaches or assistant coaches or team officials for infractions that might merit a yellow (cautions) or red (ejection).
Motion passes.

Roger Ney-Treasurer-Recommends budget that is in the middle of the three. It adds an employee but no separate office, the fees are still less than a year ago.
Motion made by Laurel, seconded by CSC.
Motion: We approve the NCSL budget with an additional employee, but no office.
Motion passes.

On the home page for each team in the NCSL , the team can print off the special report form.

Motion to adjourn at 9:15PM.