NCSL Board of Directors Meeting- March 22, 2000

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM.

Roll call shows a quorum.

All clubs are present.

Minutes are approved for last two meetings.

Kathleen discussed the packets. Club rep sheet gives you the user address, ID, & password. Schedules will be up by midnight.

Motion made by Montgomery, seconded by CSC.

Move that the information on the schedule tops be put on club rep. page to be accessed by password only.

Motion passes.

To close fields not being used, send Kathleen an e-mail. We could have a second ID that would be more limited to give out to teams. If need extra games cards, etc., send Kathleen an e-mail.

Arlington representative talked about Arlington Thunder and the very shocking, tragic accident. The Arlington Club is renaming the scholarship fund. A handout was distributed with the address for the scholarship fund.

Motion made by McLean, seconded by everyone.

Move to contribute $200 to the scholarship fund.

Motion passes.

Jim Fraize needs help on the admissions committee.

R&D-Ray Greenberg - Sit-out list was put on the web site in January. Corrections and changes have been made. Sideline behavior has been an increasing issue. The committee has been fining teams when parents get out of control and the game has to be terminated.

Registrar-Gloria - Registration manuals should be distributed if you have new teams. Remind teams to go through the club rep. Ask managers to tell players how to get player passes back if unhappy with team.

Congratulations to John Ellis who is now the Assistant Coach of the Women's National Team. John has stated that he wants to stay involved with NCSL.

John Ellis - My theme is always development. You could have young players that aspire to a higher level. Promote training and development to help them realize their potential. Motto of U.S. Soccer is "Win Forever".

President's Report - USA Men vs South Africa on June 3, RFK at 4:00. Tickets available through both state associations.

Va. Northern District ODP - August 12 & 13 at Bull Run Regional Park. Looking for volunteers. Name and contact is on the Web site.

Capital Cup is a premier tournament that has existed for 13 years. Last year almost 300 colleges were represented. Need a chairman for next year. We need to find one in the next 60 days or we will not have a tournament. Get some people interested. It is very important that we keep this going. We added the U17's last year and the college coaches loved it. It helps them plan ahead.

Jeff got at least 4 calls from players trying to transfer mid-season to a team that already had 3 transfers. Club reps need to make sure you meet with the coaches and talk about registration. Your new coaches may not know what to do on a rain-out. We have less personal contact with everything on the Web site. Have a conversation about what to do when raining, etc.

We need to do some creative thinking. While this league does a wonderful job of providing opportunities for people to play soccer, we all know we have sideline problems, people screaming at kids and each other, screaming at the referees, etc. We need to fix the problem by looking at the U9's and U10's. We need to begin to institute the philosophy that they are your opponents, not your enemy. At end of the game have the team snack together, invite the referee, get the parents to introduce themselves. We have contacted D.C. United to try to organize an effort to do something special for the U9 & U10 during the season. WAGS is planning a no yell Sunday, maybe we should do that. How about a sportsmanship award for player on the opposing team. Shake referee's hand at the end of the game. Eliminate the line of kids shaking hands, let the kids do it naturally. If kid is upset, let him walk away. ODSL has a good sportsmanship award. The teams vote on which team gets the award. The coach does set the tone. Please think about this before the mid-season meeting. We will also talk about an update for the club rep responsibilities.

If have scrimmages, send an e-mail to Kathleen. There is a spot on the Web site for this. There are some referees that would like to do some work. They want to improve themselves and get in shape.

Meeting adjourned at 8:39PM.