NCSL Board of Directors Meeting - May 15, 2000

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM.

Roll call showed a quorum.

Clubs not present: Annandale, Bowie, Falls Church, Gunston, Montgomery, Potomac, Reston, Stafford, Takoma Park and Waldorf.

Minutes are approved from the last meeting.

Jim Ferguson is in charge of the nominating committee. His phone number is 202-726-3834.

Each Va. and D.C. club rep should take a supply of applications for Va. N. District ODP. The application will also be on the WEB site.

Vice President-Jim Yacobi. Will work on a club rep manual over the summer and have something ready for the membership in the fall.

R&D-Ray Greenberg- Our first weekend was the worst in four years. We had 11 hearings as a result of that weekend. Fortunately, it has calmed down since then. In the fall of '97 we had 10 cases for the season, fall of '98, 12 cases; fall of '99, 18 cases; spring of 2000, 22 so far. The workload is increasing. A large number are at the U9 and U10 level. We need a standing committee of about 10 members.

Dennis Quicker has agreed to take over the posting of red cards and handle those statistics. There is some controversy as to how widespread information from R&D decisions should be distributed. WAGS puts theirs on the WEB site.

Dennis Quicker- If you want information on point count, please e-mail rather than call. Please do a better job at filling out the blue game card with the date, game number, team and team number.

Jeff Skigen- R&D toughest job we have. Workload is heavy for a volunteer position. Thank you to Ray.

Va. Commissioner-Jim Fraze- Have received a fair number of Friday night calls because the coach has a problem with a rescheduled game. Please call earlier than 9:30 of Friday night for a Saturday problem.

Treasurer- Roger Ney- You should have picked up three pieces of paper. One is the current balance sheet, then there are two proposed budgets for next year. They differ in one aspect, we are looking at an office and second staff member.

Jeff Skigen- Over the years we have grown incredibly. Kathleen Sessions has been implementor of all changes. Her job is huge. Information technology has fallen more and more to Kathleen. We need to have some backup, and we need to augment what she has been doing. Kathleen is wonderful and has been doing a great job. She shows enormous professionalism and expertise. She needs some help. This is a planning tool to make sure the league runs smoothly. We cannot do anything until we have funds approval. The budget is approved in June. Roger will do a third budget for an employer without an office. Give financial concepts back to Roger and Jeff.

Scorekeeper- Carol Baker- Since we have been doing things on-line, we don't get as much information from our scorekeepers. Scorekeepers need to send in a weekly report on game problems so the league can keep up better. If the standing is wrong, it normally means a score is wrong. Please let Kathleen know if there is a terminated game. If the game is not played, call a club rep. Give Kathleen the game numbers of the games that need to be rescheduled.

Calendar for next year is presented.
Motion made by VISTA, seconded by Herndon.
Motion to accept the calendar as presented.
Look at the start of the Spring schedule. Teams cannot practice until Daylight Savings Time changes.
Amendment made by Damascus, seconded by VISTA.
Amendment: To delay schedule by one week.
Amendment defeated.

At the end of the calendar, would like added on when fall applications are due. This is a 13 month calendar. A one page calendar is on the WEB site. Also, there is a discrepancy between the last date to drop and receive a refund between the fall and spring seasons.

Amendment made by Fort Washington, seconded by Laurel.
Amendment: That July 28th become the last date to drop and receive a refund for U13 and younger. August 4 will be the last date for U14 and older.
Amendment passes.
Amendment made by Crofton, seconded by Burtonsville.
Amendment: Motion to move the fall entry due date from July 3 to July 5.
Amendment is defeated.
Motion to approve the calendar as amended.
Motion passes.

Vice President- Jim Yacobi- Presenting a Parent Code of Conduct. He sat on the R&D committee and saw the problems with the parents. This code is to remind the parents of the proper conduct. It would be something for Ray to have to remind them of what they signed. The player pass does have a code of conduct.

Motion made by VISTA and seconded by Wash. Soccer.
Move to accept the Parent Code of Conduct for NCSL and that it is to be submitted with application for league play.
Amendment made by Chantilly, seconded by Laurel.
Move to strike portion on application for league play.
Motion passes.
Amendment made by Bethesda, seconded by Dasmascus.
Move that the signed parent code of conduct be kept with team along with player cards
Amendment defeated.
Motion to table made by Columbia Soccer Club, seconded by Little River. 
Motion passes.
This is a good idea without a good way to implement it. We need something. Talk to your coaches about this.

Motion made by Fort Washington, seconded by Southwestern.
Motion on player transfers. See Attached.
Amendment made by Bethesda, seconded by Wash. Soc.
Move to make this effective immediately.
Amendment defeated.
Motion passes.

Motion made be Seneca, Seconded by Columbia Soccer Club.
Motion on changes to NCSL Rules and Procedures Manual, see attached.
Amendment that we make the fee $500. 
Amendment passes.
Motion passes.

Motion made by Southwest, seconded by Fort Washington.
Motion: I move that the Parent Code of Conduct be distributed to the club reps, instructing coaches to be sure that parents get this.
Amendment made by Fauquier, seconded by Columbia.
Amendment to change the son to child.
Amendment passes.
Motion passes.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00PM.