NCSL BOD Meeting - November 18, 2004
November 18, 2004

NCSL Board Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2004

Meeting was called to order at 7:30PM.

Roll call showed a quorum. Clubs not present – Arundel, Baltimore Bays, Fauquier, Severna Park, St. Mary’s United

Commissioner reports:

Lucy Jennings – Virginia – no report

Claire Filemyr– Maryland – no report

State Registrars Reports:

Maryland – Mike Basileo – nothing to report

Virginia Registrar – Lisa Wilson - policy concerning teams changing leagues. This change in policy now has all three leagues on the same page – VYSA travel and region 1 travel policy – travel within region 1 – no need for permission to travel. All Virginia teams must be in Roster Pro. Only two clubs not in Roster Pro: Sterling & Washington Club.

US Club Soccer players can not guest play with USYSA teams.

Rules & Discipline: - Gary Grosicki 160 red cards most to coaches. 3 clubs have made decisions with concurrence of the R&D committee.

Administrator - Kathleen Sessions: Trophies are on their way.

Treasurer – Anne Maynes – ADP is now handling payroll. Not going to do online checks. Bills are being paid on time.

Fiscal year: July – June – creates problems with the quick book system – Anyone have objections to change from Jan – Dec. (Doesn’t fit our seasonal year but things will work out better). If no one objects and there is nothing motioning it being a problem in the bylaws Anne would like to Change to Jan – Dec as fiscal year operating. There were no objections, Anne will continue to investigate if there are any legal reasons why this change can not be made.

The information you receive in your packets tonight will have the amount each club must pay for the increase in State Fees. Question was raised if the NCSL could absorb the State fee increase. There was a discussion concerning these increases at the NCSL Executive Committee Meeting. The committee does not think it is fair for the NCSL to absorb the State fees since there is such a cost gap between the two States. (Virginia’s fee is $5,000 and Maryland‘s fee is $1,000) The USYSA fees paid by the State Association increased the States then increase their fees that are paid by the individual club’s.

President report – Ray Greenberg


SIAR- motion to reinitiate the program

Advertising- report resulting in test ad program will be initiated

Competition- held meeting last week, committee chair stepping down

Fields- Debbie Honaker will report

Capital Cup

We should invite Louise Waxler in for next Executive Committee.

College Seminar

November, 29 7:30 pm at Marshall HS Auditorium presented by Richard Broad, American Soccer Programs- We already have a commitment from Billy Thiedbaut, Catholic Univ.

22 player roster

The US Youth Soccer Board of Directors has requested that the National Championships Committee create language to modify the National Championships Policies as endorsed by the Board at the May, 2004 meeting. Regarding increasing the roster size from 18 to 22 players/pool per team. Only 18 of the 22 players will be able to participate per match. The designated 18 players can be set 60 minutes prior to the match.

At the Region I meeting in Delaware on October 16; 11 of the 15 Region I State Association Presidents agreed they wanted and would support expanded rosters to begin for the 2005-2006 seasonal year. A motion was passed that Region I will support a twenty-two (22) person roster for the Under 16 and older age groups for all competitions that lead to the National Championships Competition

Discussion also followed as to how to deal with leagues that have rules only allowing a maximum of eighteen (18) players on a roster. Ideas were presented but no solution was agreed to.

Vice President

– fields committee trying to form – there are 2 persons on the committee. The committee is in need of more members.

New Business:

A. Bonus for referees – WAGS has a bonus program – we did some research to the reaction to the program. We feel we should participate in the program. Number of games Referee’s must reach - 30 games (combined NCSL & WAGS). Motion approved.

B. Recommended change to NCSL Rules & Procedures Manual:

No more than five (5) transfer players on the team roster are eligible for league play per year. Rationale – to reflect recent changes made by both VYSA & MSYSA to allow five transfer players per seasonal year. Motion was made by Chantilly. Second. Motion passed

C. Lucy Jennings presented application for the Fredericksburg Hotspurs – applied for acceptance into the NCSL– 13 boys teams. They should be entering 6-7 teams into the NCSL for the spring ’05 season. Play in Rimsel Premier teams to come NCSL. Teams participate in State cup & ODP. Travel time to fields Hotspurs Park is 59 miles. They have 2 large fields and 1 small field. Use for games only and do not have lights. They also have access to the Legion fields. They have had no problems obtaining referees. Player development – have many camps – advance skill development camp, ODP advance Camps. They’ve license many of their coaches. Neighboring clubs: Stafford Soccer Club doesn’t have a problem with them entering the NCSL. Code of Conduct: feel very strongly about their code of conduct. Also have a league for Mental & Disabled players. Motion was made by FCH to permit the Fredericksburg Hot Spurs to enter the NCSL. Motion was second. Motion passes.

D. STAR Program – Motion by MCLN - reinstate the program formerly called SIAR – increase to 3 parents. (Delete the wording -they will attend the mandatory meeting – Motion to change carried). Role Vote – 615 yes, 300 no – motion carried and approved.

E. Motion was made by SWYA. Motion second by Chantilly. Change Section 4D3 “NCSL Meetings” to include penalties for clubs whose Representatives do not attend the Board of Directors Meetings. If a member club does not have representation at two consecutive meetings, the club’s President and or Soccer Commissioner will be required to attend the next scheduled NCSL Executive Committee meeting to explain why the club has not had a representative at the two previous NCSL meetings. Failure to attend the Executive Committee meeting will result in the club being fined $200.00. The fine will be added to the fees required to enter teams for the next season of play. Motion passed.

F. Motion was made to allow teams to attend the Jefferson Cup schedule the first weekend of NCSL play. Motion was second. Role Call Vote – 429 Yes, 486 No – motion failed.

Meeting adjourned – 10PM.