NCSL BOD Meeting - 1/13/05
January 13, 2005

NCSL Board Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2005

Minutes – correction needs to be made in the 11/18/04 board minutes. Tournament mentioned in motion should have been Jefferson Cup. Minutes approved.

John Ellis – how important training is for travel program.


Maryland - Mike Basileo –– NSCAA convention in Baltimore – MSYSA Workshop – 1/23/05 Workshop Cole Field House -UMD 8:30-4:30 MD. Cup deadline 1/31/05 roster freeze date will be put on website

Virginia- None

Md. Commissioner – Just remind your teams that Schedule request are just request not guarantee you will be granted the request.

Administrator – Concerning S.A.T. – If games scheduled on a Saturdays the game start times will be after 2PM

R&D – Sit-out dates will be completed shortly. The Co-Chairmen would be happy to speak at any meetings Clubs are scheduling.

Treasurer Report – You should have picked up three sheets of paper relating to the budget. If you will look first at the one listed as the balance sheet as of January 10, you will see that our total current assets are listed as $673,404.57. Our total budget for a year is around $600,000. Due to work by our previous treasurer, we now have enough cash on hand to handle running the NCSL for about a year. This is considered prudent management. However, without a goal for raising money or a project that requires even more money, we do not need to add to this total.

If you will turn to the sheet that has 2004-05 at the top, you will see a column that shows our income and expenses for this fiscal year. Our income shows $360,872.89 and our expenses show $327,692.36. This is accurate to this point with the exception that I do not have two final referee bills. In one case we have paid them all we owe and only need to adjust the referee fee and the assignor’s fee, right now it is all in referee fee, the second one we may owe some more, but it should not be too significant. This gives us a surplus for this fall, of approximately $33,180.53. We know that we have added new programs that will cost us money. We have added a referee bonus, and the STAR program to mention two. Hopefully, this extra from the fall when we did not have either program running, will be enough to cover those costs. If it does not, we will still have the money to pay from it as you have seen from our balance sheet.

This brings us to the third sheet. The third sheet has 2005-06 across the top and is a proposed budget for the next fiscal year. We are not voting on this budget tonight, but will vote on it at the March Board meeting. The proposal from the executive board is that we do not raise team fees in the next fiscal year. Our proposal is that team fees remain the same as this year. What we are proposing to use is the surplus that we have from the 2003-04 fiscal year. You will see this listed when you receive the analysis from Renner & Co., our accounting advisors. Our review for the 2003-04 fiscal years is out in draft form and will be available to all by our March meeting.

They show a surplus from 2003-04 of $54,588.00 and we propose to put that back in the budget. We have to pass our new budget in March, so that in June, Kathleen can prepare the entry forms for the fall season. We can wait until May, but often have trouble with a quorum at that meeting, and then we don’t know what to charge for the next year. Your executive board feels that we should take interest income and surpluses to balance our budget. If we end up with large surpluses after we know the cost of these new programs, then we would look at dropping the cost per team.

You need to look at this information over the next couple of months. If anyone has a question about an item, you can email me at amaynes@mindspring.com or call me at 703-527-5299. I would welcome your comments and questions. You might have an educational program to suggest such as sideline behavior or further training for our coaches. Does anyone have a question at this point?

President Report – Welcome Fredericksburg Hotspurs- Lisa Stretch.

Jan 23- MSYSA workshop at Univ. of MD

Feb 4-5 VYSA workshop at Richmond Convention Center- I will be hosting a travel league roundtable session.

VYSA Volunteer of the year- Duke Arnold- NCSL member who served on the R&D Committee

Joint NCSL/WAGS referee bonus program starts this spring.

We are forming a joint NCSL/WAGS referee committee to review contracts/fee structure and address issues to improve referee coverage

New scorekeepers reporting spreadsheet will be used to better track referee coverage

New R&P manual will be posted on the web site next week

STAR program up and on track for the spring season. MD and VA agreed on Grade 12 training.

Modified STAR rules- minimum age 18

All training classes posted on the NCSL web page

Mandatory program- make sure your teams sign up for the training

Thanks to Patty McGinley, MCLN club rep, for getting this program running again

New Business:

Bethesda’s Motion: Fort Washington seconds the motion changing the length of a half in U12 – change to 35 minute halves. Some confusion when a NCSL 30 minute half follows a WAGS game which is 35 minute half. Discussion ensued.

Motion was accepted.

Meeting adjourned.