NCSL BOD Meeting -6/23/05
June 23, 2005

NCSL Board meeting -6/23/05

The NCSL Board Meeting was called to order 7:30pm.

Clubs not present: Fauquier Soccer Club

Correction to be made in the previous months minutes - correct Frederick Excel to FC Frederick.

State Commissioners Report

Maryland Commissioner: Claire Filemyr reminded everyone that the drop date for the NCSL is July 15th.

Virginia Commissioner: no report.


Maryland - Mike Basileo – At the MSYSA meeting – 22 player roster for U17 and older was approved. The 22 player roster has been approved for Maryland State Cup play. As far League’s, it’s up to the league if they want to adopt the 22 player roster. Maryland Leagues BBSL, MPSL, and the Hartford county Leagues will not be adopting the 22 man roster. Maryland's team fee is figured according to a 18 man roster and will continue as such. If a team has a 22 man roster the team will pay a per player fee for each player over the 18 man roster. New on line registration – hopefully it will be up and running by the end of the month. Check the website over the next few months.

Virginia – Lisa Wilson - Mandatory training for the new on line system is scheduled for this Sunday. Virginia has added several new registrars.

R&D Committee

Gary Grosicki – There were 7 R&D hearings this season dealing with parent behavior. Please remind the TSL to review their duties to be sure they are aware of their responsibilities on the sidelines. All decisions for the spring season have been posted.

NCSL Administrator

Kathleen Sessions – July 15 all schedule requests and field forms are due for submission.


Gina Clapp – I’d like to announce Ray Greenberg has been elected Vice President of VYSA. Debi Honaker has been elected Boys North Travel Commissioner for VYSA. Congratulations to both Ray & Debi.


Anne Maynes – Star reports – 44 out of the 60 teams have their cards. Ann will be checking team entry fee to be sure all is correct. If you are holding checks more than 6 months please contact Ann and she will reissue a new check. Budget – There was a $55,000 surplus last year budget, will probably have that much again.

Vice President

Debi Honaker - STAR program – Patty McGinley is unable to continue as the STAR Program Coordinator. The NCSL would like to thank Patty for her time in handling this program. Anyone interested this position, please contact Debi. Training sessions have been scheduled: 4 training sessions in Virginia, and two classes at the SoccerPlex in MD. Any Maryland Club wishing to host a STAR training session please contact Debi Honaker.


Ray Greenberg - 1 Feedback on STAR program I have not received a lot of feedback but the feedback I have received has been positive

2 referee assignor from the outlying areas have stated that they usually do not have difficulty covering their matches; they appreciate having the STARs as a backup

3 referee assignors who handle the bulk of our games Newmans and Deplitch in northern VA and CASRA (Missy Lambert, Montgomery County), indicated that the STAR program provided them flexibility in getting their matches covered The assignors pointed out that there are numerous situation where they could have used STARs but because of the way games were grouped, they had to assignor a 3 man crew instead of relying on the STARs. The league has met with Demosphere to address the groups of games to better utilize our STARs.

4. Player development

The Executive Committee has had discussions on how to better utilize the talents of John Ellis, Consultant of Player Development. Rather than have John attend these boring meeting, we suggested that John run some coaching clinics. John has agreed to do this and will be scheduling these clinics in the fall. The initial emphasis will be focused toward our U9- U11 coaches and the foundation of the small sided game. We will be sending out emails to the club reps and posting information on the web site as soon as we finalize the dates and times.

Upcoming events

Tuesday August 30- Mandatory Administrators Meeting- this will be a shortened version of the previous years U9/U10 meeting. This meeting will focus just on how we run the league. Speakers will be myself, Kathleen, State Commissioner, R&D (cover rules and referees).

Wednesday August 31- Positive Coaching Alliance Workshop- Mandatory for all U9 and U10 coaches

Thursday September 1- next BOD meeting

Motion was made by Debi Honaker to accept Cugini soccer into the NCSL. Springfield seconded the motion.

Roll Call Vote was called – motion carried.

Motion was made to increase the team roster size from a maximum 18 players to 22 players. Springfield seconded the motion.

Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned.