NCSL BOD Meeting - 11/15/05

NCSL Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM – Marshall High School – Michael Hall.

Clubs not present – Arundel, Ashburn, Baltimore Bays, Calvert, Calverton, Columbia Soccer, Crofton, Herndon, Mid-County Soccer, Prince William, Reston, Severna Park, Seneca, Virginia Soccer Assoc, Westminster Wolves, Washington Soccer Club

Minutes of the 9/1/05 board meeting were accepted by unanimous consent with one correction. It was reported that Calvert was absent from the meeting – this needs to be corrected to Calverton Soccer Club as not attending the 9/1/05 meeting Calvert Soccer Association was present.

Commissioners –

Claire Filemyr -Maryland – Positive Coaches training – NCSL has held two training session. There is one training session remaining, anyone who hasn’t attended must attend this final session. The coaches who fail to attend a Positive Coaching Alliance training session will not be allowed to coach in the spring.

Lucy Jennings - Virginia – no report

Gary Grosicki – R&D – reports will be posted soon.

Kathleen Sessions – Administrator - all game cards are in, trophies have been ordered and on their way.

Secretary - Gina Clapp– We were given a copy of the book Hunter & Stripe – by Laura Malone Elliott – the author’s husband is a coach in the NCSL. Great book you may want to share with the players of the younger teams. Check your local libraries, anyone living in the Howard County vicinity – the Howard County Library has the title in their collection.

I would also like to mention our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance and how it is very evident the new program is working. During my club’s tournament it was very obvious which teams were NCSL teams that had attended the workshop. The sideline behavior of the coaches and parents was very good.

VP – no report

President Report –

Status of replacement of Newmans Mike and Judith Newman have announced plans to step down at the end of this season. Mike and Judith cover Northern VA on an alternate weekend basis, the other weekend is assigned by Sharon Deplitch. Mike and Judith have been doing this for 10 years and this will be a big loss for NCSL and WAGS.

We have posted a job announcement on both the NCSL and WAGS home pages and to date we have received 10 inquires. Most are unknown but a few are long time soccer people. We are in the process of collecting resumes and setting up interviews on Saturday, December 17.

KidSafe background checks All VA clubs except VISTA/VBSC have certified that their background checks have been completed. VISTA/VBSC has indicated that their background checks have been completed but I have not yet received their certification. MD does not have a background check process in place. Ben Neil, President of MSYSA, has asked me to serve on a newly established risk management committee to establish a process to do background checks.

Referee Coverage Kathleen has instructed our scorekeepers to submit a weekly report on referee coverage. The NCSL officers have been reviewing the reports and while the coverage is not perfect, it is very good.

Positive Coaching Alliance We have held 2 workshops to date and attendance has been good. The feedback I received about the workshops and the results have been very positive.

Several U9-U12 coaches have not attended the workshop. Claire Filemyr has sent out a list of all coaches that still need to attend a workshop. The next workshop is scheduled for February and the targeted audience is our U13 and U14 coaches. All U9-U14 coaches must attend the workshop or they will not be allowed to coach in our league.

STAR Program John Davis will be working with our clubs and teams to bring all team in compliance with the program.

Upcoming events

Jan 12- next NCSL BOD meeting and spring entries and fees due Jan ?- MSYSA workshop Feb 3&4- VYSA workshop Feb ?- PCA workshop March 23- NCSL BOD meeting and club rep workshop

Referee proposal to increase fees – proposal approved.

Bethesda made the motion to allow substitutions by both teams prior to a throw in when the team in possession of the throw in is making a substitution. The motion was second by DC Stoddard.

Olney requested an amendment to the motion to implement the change beginning Fall, 2006 season. The motion was second by Fall Church. Amendment was defeated.

Vote was taken and the motion carried.

Russ Horn made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was second by Ted Hermeling.

Meeting was adjourned.