NCSL BOD Meeting - 8/31/06

NCSL Board Meeting

Minutes – August 31, 2006

Meeting was called to order at 7:30PM. Roll call indicated the following clubs were not present: Manassas, Mid County, Severna Park, St Mary’s, and Westminster.

Seeing there are no changes or corrections to the minutes – requested approval by unanimous consent. The minutes were approved.

Maryland Commissioner –Claire Filemyr – PCA training – The first training session was held on August 29th. 75 coaches attended that session. The second and last training is scheduled for Sept 5th, approximately the same number of coaches have signed up for this session as well. At this time, Claire doesn’t have the time to verify the rosters to be sure everyone has attended the required PCA Workshop. She made it very clear, the information will be checked. If they find any U9-U-15 coach that did not attend the required PCA workshop, the team’s games will all be forfeited until the PCA workshop is attended.

Virginia Commissioner – Lucy Jennings – When preparing the roster on the label, there is no longer the need to indicate the player number. When preparing the label you need only to list the jersey number and the player’s name.

Referee Coverage. Please remind your teams when they call in their scores to also include the referee coverage information. We are also keeping track of the U9/U10 age group referee coverage. The managers from these teams need to inform the Club Reps when they do not have referee coverage.

Make sure all team managers have their pin numbers so they can review their contact information.

Virginia Registrar – Lisa Wilson – Debi Honaker reported for Lisa – Rosters are probably completed by now. Reminder to bring packets to the Club Reps before going to the registrar. Club reps might want to review the VYSA & NCSL rostering rules. Also review the rostering rules in Virginia for Md. Players rostering to Virginia teams and Virginia players to roster to Maryland teams.

Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – New system Registrar’s are trying to be flexible with the hiccups that are occurring. Teams will be rostered by the NCSL league date.

Administrator – Kathleen Sessions – Schedules will be posted on the website by the time you return home tonight. Also, on the Club Rep Pages the field loading will be up with game numbers

Be sure to pick up your package before leaving tonight. Also, be sure to review the rules for rainouts. I must hear from you by 9AM. Field status for earlier games must be call in 2 hours ahead of the scheduled start time. When reporting field status, please call 703-385-1608. Please do not call your teams and tell them their games are cancelled until you have talked to me. Lucy brought up the pin number - each season teams get a new pin number Pin number changes when the A number is changed to an N number Scheduling requests – lots of requests, schedule looks good for the most part. Did the best they could with the number of games for WAGS & NCSL.

Vice President - Debi Honaker – no report

Treasurer – Ann Maynes –71% of the STAR’s turned in their payment card, 50% of U13-U -14 age group STAR’s submitted their payment cards. $14, 000 was paid out for spring – for the year we spent 23,000. Bull Run & Occoquan have informed the NCSL they will be billing $25.00 for every game played there. Clubs who use the Bull Run & Occoquan as their home fields will be billed by NCSL for this additional billing received. The NCSL has already paid a fee for field set up at the Bull Run fields, that amount was added into the fall fee for those clubs using the fields as their home fields. Bull Run & Occoquan did not let us know about this addition $25.00 fee in advance.

Secretary – Gina Clapp – nothing to report

President Report – Ray Greenberg –

Teams Transferring Clubs between Seasons – clarification as presented in the handout will be added to the next update of the R&P Manual.

Kathy Diapolus and I attended a meeting with CASRA. We had a conversation concerning the use of STARS at NCSL games and coverage in general. We both left the meeting with a good understanding on how we can work better.

New managers meeting handed out all 150 notebooks – very well attended. Unfortunately 14 teams did not attend the meeting. E-mails will be sent out reminding these teams of the $250.00 fine for failure to attend the meeting.

Next PCA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Sept 5th.

Coaching clinics have been run by John Ellis. John has worked with the NCSL for 20 some years. John informed the league that he will be retiring to Florida. Met with DC United, we requested they come up with some training opportunities for our NCSL coaches. This will work out well with the retirement of John. DC United will get back to us with information about a coaching clinic.

DC United Trainer attended the Administrator’s meeting – gave a 15 minute presentation concerning nutrition & hydration.

We’ve also posted the DC United logo on our website. This is a direct link for purchasing tickets for DC united games. There is an NCSL night coming up on September 23, 2006.

Motion to adjourn the meeting – motion passed unanimously.