NCSL Board Meeting

January 12, 2006

The meeting was called to order 7:30 p.m. - Marshall High School – Cafeteria.

Clubs not present were Loudoun Soccer Club and the Winchester Soccer Club.

Minutes of the 11/15/05 board meeting were accepted by unanimous consent.

Virginia Registrar – Lisa Wilson - Virginia teams please make sure you have received the instructions on how to switch to a different league. Several teams reported they did not receive the mass email fro the NCSL. Please ask you Clubs to encourage their membership to step up and volunteer as a Virginia Registrar.

Maryland. Registrar – Mike Basileo - nothing to report

Maryland Commission – Claire Filemyr – Schedule requests – just a FYI – Saturday April 1st – no need to make any schedule change requests for that day. NCSL will not be scheduling games on April 1st since there are 9 Sunday’s during this spring NCSL season.

Rules and Discipline Committee – Ray Greenberg reported for Gary Grosicki who was unable to attend tonight’s meeting. Gary reported to Ray he is in the process of working on the sit out list. The list should be posted on the website in early March.

Administrators - Kathleen Session – Please turn your entry packet in by the end of the meeting this evening.

Secretary – Gina Clapp - no report

Treasurer – Anne Maynes – Report on the STAR program – The break down of teams is as follows: U 12 – 60 teams – 35 teams have been paid (58%) - $5,508.00 U 13 – 59 teams – 32 teams have been paid (54%) - $3,408.00 U 14 – 62 teams – 29 teams have been paid (47%) - $2,775.00 There were a total of a 181 teams in the STAR program for the fall season, 96 teams have been paid in full about 53%. The NCSL has paid a total of $11,691.00 to the teams who submitted a request for payment.

President – Ray Greenberg - Status of replacement of Newmans Mike and Judith Newman have announced plans to step down at the end of this season. Mike and Judith cover Northern VA on a alternate weekend basis, the other weekend is assigned by Sharon Deplitch

Kathie Diapoulis, Kathleen, Debi, and I interviewed several candidates for the position. We select Don Walthall and Don has accepted the position. Don is currently an assignor working with Bonnie Ahearn, a referee, and chairman of the NCSL/WAGS referee assessment team.

Positive Coaching Alliance

We have held 2 workshops to date and attendance has been good. I have received very positive feedback about the workshops.

Several U9-U12 coaches have not attended the workshop. Claire Filemyr has sent out a list of all coaches that still need to attend a workshop. The next workshop is scheduled for February 7th and the targeted audience is our U13 and U14 coaches. All U9-U14 coaches must attend the workshop or they will not be allowed to coach in our league.

STAR Program John Davis will be working with our clubs and teams to bring all team in compliance with the program.

When we passed the STAR program, we stated that the program is mandatory but we did not provide any penalty for noncompliance. The Executive Committee discussed what options were available to encourage teams to come into compliance. We agreed that the league will not extend the courtesy of honoring a team’s scheduling request for any U12-U14 team that was not in compliance with STAR requirement from the fall season. Therefore, any U12, U13, or U14 team that did not have 3 STARs listed on the web site from the fall season will not have their scheduling requests honored.

Field Forms

Every season Kathleen sends out multiple e-mails to clubs requesting that they submit their field forms. I have instructed Kathleen not to send out all the daily reminders to get the field forms in, this is your responsibility. Field forms are due February 10th. Any club that fails to get their field forms in by COB (5 pm) on February 10th, the league will not honor any team’s scheduling requests from the entire club.

Upcoming events

Jan 28- MSYSA workshop Feb 3&4- VYSA workshop Feb 7- PCA workshop March 23- NCSL BOD meeting and club rep workshop

New Business – Motion was made by Sterling Youth Soccer Assoc – To change the team side rule (Section III, page 21) to include ALL age groups Proposed wording: Both teams in the U9 – U19 age groups are required to take the same side of the field. The Home team’s coach is responsible for choosing the side of the field the teams will occupy. The following wording would be removed if the motion passes “It is optional, but STRONGLY encouraged, that teams in younger age groups also occupy the same side of the field. The decision is left to the Home team.” The motion was second by Olney Soccer Club. Discussion ensued.

Motion carried.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m.