NCSL BOD Meeting - 6/22/06
June 22, 2006

Meeting was called to order. Roll call indicated VSA was not present there was a quorum.

Motion was made to accept the minutes. Minutes were approved as presented to the board.

Claire Filemyr - Maryland Commissioner – Schedule request forms are due 7/14/06. Coach conflicts if coaching two teams – only 3 dates can be requested PCA Dates for Sept 5th & August 30 – All New U9-U15 coach must attend the training if they haven’t attended the past 2 years. Please have coach name club team name & team number in an email.

Lucy Jennings – Virginia Commissioner – reviewed data collected from scorekeepers concerning referee coverage. Debi acknowledged Lucy’s hard work and at which time, Lucy was presented a gift basket to show the League’s appreciation.

Mike Basileo - Md. Registrar – online registration system is up and running. Will hand out Club paperwork after the meeting and would like to meet with all Md. Club reps.

Lisa Wilson - Virginia Registrar – player passes & envelopes for Virginia teams will be given out after the meeting. Club Rep – go back to your clubs that they need to complete the online registration applications for 06-07. Please feel free to contact Lucy with any questions.

R&D – not present – No report

Kathleen Sessions – Ask that everyone please turn in their fall applications tonight. Trophies have been shipped for 1st and 2nd place teams. Team nos. will be posted quickly tonight. Make sure you’ve updated your contact list information as soon as possible.

Gina Clapp – Secretary - No report

Anne Maynes – Treasurer - reviewed the budget. Teams need to indicate on their STAR payment card if the STARS are not being used.

Debi Honaker – Vice President – Exec committee meetings held once a month – please send Debi an email if you are interested in attending.

Ray Greenberg - President Report – KidSafe background checks Kathleen has registered the NCSL with VYSA for next year. All VA clubs can not registered their clubs. Remember for all new club or team officials, the clubs must perform a background check on these new officials for next year. Since background checks are only required to be performed every other year, most club/team officials will not need background checks this year. MD does not have a background check process in place but we are hoping with the new online system the capability to perform background checks will be soon.

Berhanu Soccer Foundation

The Berhanu Soocer Foundation is a nonprofit that provides scholarships to dedicated and serious soccer players in need of financial support. I attended their awards ceremony in May and was very impressed with their organization. They awarded 11 scholarships, all to NCSL and WAGS players from MD. They are expanding their program to included VA players. They are currently accepting scholarship applications for the fall. There is a link to their web site on the NCSL home page. Spread the word to your teams.

Referee Coverage

Kathleen has instructed our scorekeepers to submit a weekly report on referee coverage. The information has been good, complied, and summarized by Lucy Jennings

Positive Coaching Alliance

We have signed up again for another year with PCA. All new U9-U15 coaches must attend the workshop or they will not be allowed to coach in our league. I should point out that thanks to the efforts of Claire Filemyr all coaches except one completed the training prior to the start of the Spring season. For the one coach that did not complete the training, the team’s first game was declared a forfeit and the team’s second match was removed from the schedule and not rescheduled. After the second match, the coach took the training. I only bring this up to show that the league is very serious about having our coaches attend the workshop; mandatory means mandatory.


As I reported last time, the league was served with a subpoena concerning some sort of domestic dispute. Through the league attorney, the league provided schedules and copies of game cards. Only info on the player of concern was provided and all other player information was redacted from the submission. The attorney’s bill was $382.

STAR Program

John Davis now has a web site to register for the training. This is really outstanding and makes it very easy to register. The STAR program and the training will only get better. I am also pleased that WAGS will be joining us in the program for the Fall.

New business – motion was made by Dave Shannon – Frederick to begin 8v8 play with the U 12 age group. The motion was second by Olney.

Discussion – Bethesda questioned the field size and the goal size.

Bethesda made a motion to amend the goal size to be used to regulation size. Vote was taken. The amendment was defeated.

The original motion for the U12 age group to play 8v8 beginning fall 2007 carried. The motion was passed by a majority vote.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was unanimous.