NCSL Board Meeting

Meeting held at The Westin – Fall Church, Virginia

June 21, 2007

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.  Roll indicated the following clubs were not in attendance: Fauquier and Northern Virginia Soccer Club

Seeing and hearing no objections, the minutes from the May 7, 2007 meeting were approved by unanimous consent.

Maryland Commissioner - Claire Filemyr –PCA Double goal I meeting held Monday June 18th, was very well attended.  A list of coaches that have not been certified has been posted.  Coaches who are not certified will not be permitted to coach their team’s games.  Just a reminder, if you take the certification online the certification expires in one year, you must recertify each year.  If the coach attends the PCA workshop, the certification is good for two years. We also ask that Coaches attending the workshops please show up on time.

VA Commissioner (Maureen Dalbec) – No report.

Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – All Maryland travel team coaches must have a USSF E license, this new rule begins this fall 2007.   Maryland U 12 teams will begin  small sided play this fall 07-08 season.   I have a packet for each Maryland Club Rep.  The ADG Registration system for 07-08 is up.  The primary contact for Club Registration will be notified so they can begin to set up the 07-08 season for their clubs

Virginia Registrar – Lisa Wilson – packages are in the back for the Virginia Clubs. Maryland Clubs please do not take these packets, the player passes enclosed are set up specifically for Virginia’s online system.    Kid safe background checks will be using Social security to complete the background checks.

Rules & Discipline - no report

NCSL Administrator - Kathleen Sessions – Please hand in your registration packets before you leave tonight.  Trophies for the spring 07 season have been ordered.  Teams should be receiving their trophies shortly.  Reminder, very important that each of you go to the NCSL club rep page and send the pin numbers to your teams.  The passwords change every season.  It’s most important, especially for the new U 9 and U 10 teams.  Notification for mandatory meetings will be mailed.  They need their pin nos. to be able to update this contact information.

Treasurer – Anne Maynes –Review of balance sheet – teams listed on the back of the sheet are teams that have not sent in there STAR reimbursement form.

When the bill is received from Regional Virginia parks – it will be divided among those Virginia teams that used the fields.

Secretary – Gina Clapp – no report

Vice President – Debi Honaker - STAR Program – Complete list of schedule STAR training is posted on the website – you must register for those classes.  Check the star requirements any questions contact John Davis.

Burke is sponsor a star class on Aug 4th.

President Report – Demosphere has ask for a fee increase – began 1999 never have asked Increase of 3% was requested.  Ray will be meeting with Demosphere for more discussion.

Motion was made by Mike Basileo to make the following revision concerning Player Transfers:

Players transferring to an NCSL team after the season start date (as listed on the NCSL Calendar of Events) are eligible for league play if:

(a). the releasing team has not participated in NCSL during the current season, or

(b). the player’s release was completed, with the required registrar approvals, prior to the season start date (league participation of the releasing team does not matter in this case).

Motion was accepted.  Vote was taken and the motion carried.

Motion was made and accepted to hear the presentation of the Bayshore Soccer Club’s application to the NCSL.

Gina Clapp and Howard Kohn review the application and recommended that Bayshore be accepted into the NCSL.  Vote was taken, motion carried to accept Bayshore Soccer Club into the NCSL.

Dave Shannon- where small sided is going – vision for more changes.  USSF & USYSA has a lot of ideas.  I would like to get some clubs together to discuss possible changes. Discuss removing the structure so there isn’t so much pressure on the younger age groups.  Dave invited Club Reps, Coaching Directors and Club Presidents to a meeting to have such discussions.  He would like to bring something to the august meeting. 

For the good of the game – US women will be playing . 

Debi announced Ray’s appointment to the adjudication committee for USYSF.

Questions from body: What is the date of the New Administrators meeting?

Meeting date for this meeting has been posted on the web page.

New shirts – New Adidas NCSL logo polo’s – anyone interested in ordering please contact Gina Clapp.

Motion to adjourn was accepted.