NCSL Board Meeting

March 22, 2007

Michael Hall – Marshall High School



 Meeting was called to order at 7:35PM.  Roll indicated the following clubs were not in attendance: Annandale , Bethesda and Cugini.



 Seeing and hearing no objections, the minutes from the January 11, 2007 meeting were approved by unanimous consent.


 Maryland Commissioner - Claire Filemyr – Positive Coaching Alliance held last week – We still have 17 coaches not certified. – These coaches must be certified prior to the beginning of the season, if they are not all games will be considered a forfeit until they are in compliance with the NCSL PCA requirements.


 The Team Administrator meeting is scheduled for March 27th here at Michael Hall.  The website has a list of teams who are required to attend this meeting, please verify if any of your teams are listed and remind them of this requirement.  This meeting is mandatory and if not attended will result in a monetary fine.


 Ray Geenberg reiterated, coaches must be certified.  If the coaches missed the PCA meeting last week the certification can be completed online.  This certification is only good for one year compared to attending the workshop in person the certification is good for 2 years. 


 Va. Commissioner – Maureen Dalbec - No report


 Maryland State Registrar – Mike Basileo - Md. Cup freeze date is approaching April 5th.    U-12 - U-17 you must have into state by April 5th.


 Virginia State Registrar - Lisa Wilson is absent, she has under gone some surgery – Debi Honaker presented Lisa’s report.   April 19th freeze date for State Cup Roster.  Remind your teams to be sure they submit enough copies of their roster.   Anyone who would like to send a card to Lisa, please contact Kathleen for the address.


 R&D – Gary Gorsicki – unable to attend this evening.  Ray Greenberg presented Gary ’s report.  – The Sit Outs owed list has been posted on the NCSL Website.  Please Remind your teams to check this list to be sure their teams have met all sit out obligations.


 NCSL Administrator - Kathleen Sessions – schedules will be posted on the website tonight.  Scheduling request did the best she could to meet the requests.  Bull Run or Occoquan – be sure you follow the directions and rules posted on the website for using these fields.  SoccerPlex has banned smoking at the complex.


 Secretary – Gina Clapp - no report


 Treasurer - Ann Maynes – Budget –was mailed out with meeting announcement.  You will notice a reduction in team fees. If we continue to run a surplus we will lower again.    Ted made motion, Claire Second = Vote carries.


 Vice President – Debi Honaker – Star Report – A majority of the teams have 4 or 5 stars, only two teams have fewer than three STARS.  Recertification class for the STAR is scheduled on April 14th.   Must have a minimum of 20 people in order for the class to be held, we need 11 more people or the class will be cancelled.


 Howard Kohn – Nominations are opened you can make motion by email. 


 President - Ray Greenberg – Some Clubs have indicated an interest in holding PCA workshops.  At the last Executive Committee meeting it was discussed and decided that the NCSL will pay $15.00 per person up to $600.00.  A Club can hold 2 meetings per season per club.  Club will have to order the books – minimum 40 people must attend. Invite neighbor clubs to fill the class. 


 Another proposal that came up – referee training – some clubs are holding training and hosting other clubs – NCSL is willing to subsidized the cost of renting a room.  Russ will write up a policy and make available to all the clubs at the next board of directors meeting.


 Monday May 7th - is the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting.

On June 21st Board of Directors & AGM will be held at Westin Hotel.  Please plan to arrive early, we will provide a light dinner for everyone.    


 New Business – Should we consider having U11 teams using the STAR program. 

We will defer a motion until next meeting.  Discussion - some members are concerned it will cause the amount budgeted for the STAR Program to increase.  Maybe change the limit number of STARS required for the U12 age group to 2 for the fall.  Putting a center ref and 2 -STARs on field for U 11 will cause the intensity of the competition level.  Parents will get to watch their children play.  Consensus seems to be not to include U11 in the STARS program.


 Motion to adjourn, motion made and seconded.  Meeting adjourned 7:45PM



Correction of the  minutes – NCSL BOD Meeting 3/22/07

The following is a correction to Ray's President Report:

Some Clubs have indicated an interest in holding PCA workshops.  At the last Executive Committee meeting it was discussed and decided that the NCSL will pay $15.00 per person up to $600.00.  A Club can hold 2 workshops per season.  The club is responsible for ordering  and purchasing the booklets needed for the workshop.  NCSL encourges clubs holding a workshop to include neighboring Clubs.  Reimbursement will be provided when verification of the number of attendees at the PCA work shop is provided.