NCSL Board Meeting


Marshall High School

August 28, 2008

Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30PM.  Roll call indicated the following clubs were not present:  Waldorf.

Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray  Greenberg asked that the minutes be accepted from the June 19, 2008 meeting.  Minutes were accepted.

Maryland  Commissioner-Claire Filemyr:  We had 104 coaches attend the first PCA meeting, and 62 attended the Double Goal II meeting.  We had 145 people attending the new team and manager meeting.

Maryland Registrar-Mike Basileo- Maryland system getting better.

R&D-Lula Bauer- List of sit-outs owed from spring  season is available.  Club reps should look at it and work with the teams to get the players off the list.  Coach must sit out player with red card or suspension.  Club reps need to work with Lula to get the list cleared.

Administrator-Kathleen Sessions- Schedules will be posted tonight.  Field loading should be on the club rep page.  Scheduling request forms, do the best possible but cannot always comply with requests.  Fall more difficult because of time problems.  There were quite a few drops after the schedule was done.  Some divisions may have 8 games instead of 9.

Vice-President-Andy  Schoka -Web-site-Will work with vendor next month.  If you have any thoughts or ideas about the web site, please contact either him or Ray.

President-Ray Greenberg- Son has returned from Iraq.  He received over 100 boxes of supplies and is here personally to thank everyone.

Barry Greenberg- Thanks for supplying our soccer league.  I was based in a south military base in Multhanna Province, a very poor community, and the kids had few outlets.  We wanted to give them something to do so we created a boys clubs.  We had 90 new teams across the province.  We received 100 boxes of jerseys, hats, balls, etc.  The trophy company donated a large trophy.  Thanks to all.

New Business:

Motion by LMVS:Mandatory Official Roster and Coach, Team Official, Player Pass Verification by the Center Referee, Assistant Referee or agreed upon Emergency Step in Referee.

Each team must have a current Official Roster, USYS Player Passes and Coach/Team Official Passes at every match.  Prior to the start of every match, the Center Referee, Assistant Referee or Emergency Step in referee will be required to check player passes against each player.  This requirement is not optional and the assigned Center referee, Assistant Referee or Emergency Step in Referee must comply with this policy.  Refusal of this requirement must be reported to the League’s R&D Chairperson following the match.

Teams that fail to produce the USYS Player Passes, Team Official Passes and the Official State Roster when requested, will be given a 15 minute grace period from the scheduled “kick off” time.  A Team’s failure to produce the USYS Player Passes, Team Official Passes and the Official State Roster within the League’s 15 grace period shall result in a forfeit.  The score shall be recorded as a 0-3 loss for the forfeiting team.

The USYS Player Passes, Team Official Passes and the Official State Roster must remain at the field until the successful completion of the match.

Move to table the motion by EPIC, seconded by Team America.  Motion failed.

Amendment offered by Arlington, seconded by EPIC:

Delete Team Official Passes in paragraph 3, first sentence.

Amendment passes.

Vote on motion as amended.

Motion passes.

Amendment by Cugini:

First paragraph, 4th line: Referee will be required to check all personnel on roster for their passes.

Amendment fails.

Motion by LMVS:

If a spectator’s conduct results in a “send off” by the Referee, that spectator will be considered red carded/ejected from the match and the Coach will be awarded the penalty.

Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players, team official and spectators.  If a spectator’s conduct results in the issuance of a yellow card or red card (ejection), it will be considered as awarded to the Head Coach.  Both the Head Coach and the Spectator(s) will be responsible for serving a one game suspension for the ejection of his/her spectator(s) at the next League match.

Motion to table by Annandale, seconded by Team America.

Motion is tabled.

Motion to adjourn at 8:54 PM.