NCSL Board Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2009

Marshall High School

Fall Church VA

Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:35 P.M.

Roll call indicated the following clubs were absent: Annandale, Epic and Northern Virginia Soccer Club.

Problem with the January minutes - they will be available at the next board meeting for approval.

MD Commissioner – Claire Filemyr - PCA Double Goal II going on next door

PCA I, is scheduled next week – if you cannot attend either meeting contact Claire to arrange taking the online course.  Please be aware that the online course is only valid for one season.  Next Thursday there is the PCA II and the New Team Administrator’s meetings are scheduled.  New teams must have a representative.  The representative can be either the team Manager or a parent but there must attend the Administrator meeting.  If the team does not have representation, there is a $200.00 fine for not attending.   NCSL recommends new club reps attend, there is a lot of good information shared and it will assist the new Club Reps in understanding how the NCSL runs.

VA Commission - Maureen Dalbec - no report

Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – Maryland State Cup is schedule on April 4th & 5th

Maryland Club Reps please do not pick up player cards in back they are for Virginia Clubs.

VA Registrar – Lisa Wilson – To reiterate what Mike said, Maryland Club Reps, do not pick up the player cards located in the back.  Virginia Club Reps, when you drop off your packages to your registrar, be sure you put the correct number of copies of the forms enclosed in your packets.  You must provide the correct number of copies since most registrars do not have photocopiers.

R&D Chairman - Barry Finkelstein- Remind your teams to verify if they have players listed on the sit out list.  Also, remind them to be sure to fill out sit out cards for those players serving their sit out.  Be sure to have the opposing team sign the card, keep a copy and let the referee know so they can notate on game card.  Keep track of penalty points – some teams are not doing a very good job of keeping track of yellow cards.  (see insert below from the R&P manual – Guide to Red & Yellow Cards).  

99plus percentage of our teams our doing a great job.  Only 1% requires hearings.

Club Rep – please pass onto your teams - If Clubs can sort out discipline problems, it would help eliminate hearings.  Look over results of hearings and recommend appropriate action/sanction for that team.

Contact info – email or

Cell phone – 703-963-2884.  Looking forward to the season.

(Copied from the R&P Manual)

Player’s Guide to Red Cards, Yellow Cards and Accumulated Disciplinary Points

When a player gets a red card or 2yellow cards during a game, he is ejected from the game and two penalties are given.

            1. The player must sit out the next league game, and

            2. The player is assigned 10 cumulative disciplinary points

When a player gets a yellow card during a game one penalty is given

            1. The player is assigned 5 cumulative disciplinary points

When the player’s points add up to 20 he must sit out the next league game. A red card sit out does not count for the accumulated disciplinary point sit out. If a player gets a red card in a game he must sit out the next league game and he has 10 accumulated disciplinary points. If  he gets another red card in a later game in the season, he must sit out the next TWO league games, one for the red card and one for the 20 accumulated disciplinary points.

If a player gets four yellow cards in four different games in a season, he must sit out the next league game because he has 20 accumulated disciplinary points. Any combination of red and yellow cards that totals 20 points results in an accumulated disciplinary point sit out for the player. It is important to remember that a red card sit out does not count for an accumulated disciplinary point sit out.

Once a player reaches 20 accumulated disciplinary points and serves his sit out, he must serve an additional sit out each time he accumulates 10 points (at 30, 40, and 50 points) during the season.

At the end of the season, points do not carry over to the next season, but sit outs earned due to red cards or accumulated disciplinary points carry over and must be served the first game(s) of the next season.

If a player changes teams, the sit outs follow him and must be served with the new team.

If a player does not play during the following season, the sit outs are owed when he returns to the league and must be served in the first game(s) of the season.

Red and yellow cards earned during tournaments, state cup games, scrimmages and indoor games do not count in a players accumulated disciplinary point total.

It is important for coaches, players and team managers to keep good records of red cards and accumulated disciplinary points because the league does not notify players or teams when sit outs are due. Sit outs served only count if they are properly verified by the player’s team. If sit outs are not served when they are due, the player, coach and team will face additional sit outs, and/or fines and forfeit of games played with players in violation.

Administrator - Kathleen Sessions – Schedules are up, field loading is up on your club rep pages.  Claire asked to mention, if you have a new team or a team off the waitlist – please go on your contact page remove the words wait list.  Occoquan Regional Park & Bull Run Park, please pick up the trash and follow the requirements for using these fields.  The rules can be found on the NCSL website. 

Kathleen went through every form submitted for scheduling conflicts, she tried her best to meet all requests. 8AM games – couple of situation when we had to schedule an 8AM game it will be a few – had to so we could fill up the field slots.  Tried to give everyone four home games but in some cases only possible to give 3 games to avoid single game scheduling.  We had to eliminate single games for referee assigning.

Secretary – Regina Clapp - no report

Treasurer – Ann Maynes - divided our funds into several banks so the deposits would not have more than 250,000 in one account.

Vice President - Andy Schoka – mentioned an idea to do a survey for the league.   Would like coaches, players and parents to fill out the online survey.   Club Rep, please take the survey and ask your teams to take the survey as well.  It will only take a few minutes to fill out and the survey is anonymous.

We are still on track to migrate to the new website to begin Fall 09.  Kathleen will begin working with it behind the scene to get it ready for Fall 09. 

President – Ray Greenberg – Attended the US Soccer Federation meeting in Orlando Florida.  There were some rule changes.   Voted to eliminate the ODP U15 National championships next year.


New Business – Budget –

Comment – Anne Maynes – estimated no. teams and games – we continue to grow – operated for several years at a deficit to lower the amount of funds.

There was a slight increase in the team fees.  Club membership is $150.00.  The committee decided to raise the Club membership to $300.00 so the team fee increase was kept to a minimum.

Motion to accept the motion so moved Howard Kohn.  Motion passed.

New Club applications – Howard Kohn -

Three Clubs applied – Rockville Soccer Club did not meet our criteria.

Pachuca Football Club - 7 eligible teams U11 and older – 3 are current in NCSL play under

MSC, 2 teams play in BBSL.  They will play their games at the SoccerPlex.

As a committee, though they met our criteria, the committee felt they are redundant in that area – there is no compelling reason to bring them into the NCSL.  Important that you hear from the Clubs in that area.  Five Clubs gave their opinions – 4 out of 5 were against the admission of Pachuca into the league.

Motion was defeated.

Third Club – Frederick Soccer Club – Been in existence for 15 years.  Bring in 5 teams u11and up.  One team currently plays for SSA.   Most teams play in BBSL and MSC Classic – Area is well served – it is redundant with clubs that already exist.

Motion was defeated.

Ray Greenberg asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Claire Filemyr so moved.  Board agreed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 8:42 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Regina Clapp, NCSL Secretary.