NCSL Board meeting

May 4, 2009

Marshall High School Cafeteria

Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Roll Call indicated the following clubs were not present: Burke Athletic Club and the Westminster Wolves Soccer Club.

Minutes for January & March 2009:

Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked the board to accept the January 2009 meeting minutes.  The board approved January 12, 2009 meeting minutes by unanimous consent.

Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked the board to accept the March 26, 2009 meeting minutes.  The board approved the March 26, 2009 meeting minutes by unanimous consent.

Ray introduced Ashley Tate, representative from Demosphere, attended the meeting to demonstrate and train the Club Reps in the new features for team submission, field submission and scheduling request forms.

Maryland Commissioner -Claire Filemyr– PCA - all NCSL coaches are current – 84 coaches took the online course – 30 took the training after April 4th.  If NCSL had not allowed wiggle room, many games would have been forfeited.   We must decrease the number of coaches taking the online training down and increase the number of coaches attending the workshop.  Attending the workshop is a much better learning tool since there is interaction between the presenter and those in attendance.  We are in the process of scheduling the new administrator meeting and PCA workshops for next season.


 Virginia Commissioner – Maureen Dalbec – There has been many rainouts this spring season.  Some games were called and fields closed later in the day.  We want to be sure all games have been rescheduled.  Please verify with your teams that all their games have been played or rescheduled.

Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – Nothing to report

Virginia Registrar - Lisa Wilson –Target date to have the 09-10 database up is June 1st.

R&D Committee - Ray Greenberg reported in Barry Finkelstein’s absence - R&D - Report – first few weeks 900 games – 25 R&D items brought to Barry’s attention.   Most were handled and resolved by the club reps with Barry’s oversight.  Of the 25 R&D items, only 11 were issues that needed to be resolved with the Clubs. Only 1 hearing needed to be scheduled.

Ray mentioned that he has been monitoring the R&D e-mail traffic and Barry is doing an excellent job.

NCSL Administrator - Kathleen Sessions– Please pick up your entry materials for the fall -09 season.  These entry materials must be turned in at the next NCSL Board meeting/ AGM scheduled on June 22.  Teams must be electronically submitted using the new Demosphere system.

Important upcoming dates:

June 22 – teams must be electronically submit -

July 10th – field permits and scheduling requests due

Kathleen will send an email letting everyone know the deadline dates.

Vice President - Andy Schoka– Survey updates – 2/3 of club reps have taken the survey.  There have been 600 respondents to the survey.  We are still in the data gathering stage of the survey.  The survey will remain open until May 15th.

President - Ray Greenberg – nothing to report. 

Howard Kohn – Elections – Changed the system last year only two of the 4 officers are up for elections – VP & Treasurer – June 22nd – notice on the website starting soon and will include Howard’s email.  If you want to be a candidate or you have someone you wish to nominate, please submit these nominations to Howard.  Nominations will remain opened the night of the elections.

New Business: 
Motion made by Takoma Park to increase the number of teams required for a club applying for membership in the NCSL.  The new rule would read:

In order to insure that only competitive clubs petition to join in the NCSL, all new clubs must have a minimum of five existing teams for which records can be provided (excluding U9 and U10) documenting their play.  Two of the five teams must be U14 or older.  Black and white copies of the official, stamped, state-approved roster from the state in which the club resides will suffice as evidence of compliance with this rule. Motion was second by Frederick. 

Discussion ensued.  Motion passed by a majority vote.

Good of the game – Kathleen was thanked for all her hard work during this rainy spring season.


Motion made to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was second by Claire Filemyr.   Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Clapp, Secretary NCSL.