NCSL Board Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2010

Marshall High School – Cafeteria


Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30PM. 

Roll call indicated Bay Shore Soccer Club and Fredericksburg Hot Spurs were absent from the board meeting.

Claire Filemyr – Maryland Commissioner – PCA registrations are dribbling in.   The Workshops are scheduled for March 22 and March 25.  There is a list of Coaches and their PCA Certifications on the NCSL website.  Please verify the list to be sure your Club’s coach’s certifications are current.  Also, be sure the contact information for your teams (Coach and Manager) are current. 

Maureen Dalbec – Virginia Commissioner – when filling in the contact info, please note you must have a volunteer name entered, this is extremely important.

Mike Basileo – Maryland Registrar – No Report

Lisa Wilson – Virginia Registrar – No Report

Barry Finkelstein – R&D Chair – The Fall 2009 season went very well.  Only 1% of the incidents reported were problems.  The R&D Committee met only 3or 4 times for hearings.   The volume of cards given out during this season was about the same as last season.  Sixteen of the cards issued were concerning paperwork needed.  R&D is working with the clubs concerning the paperwork.

Kathleen Sessions – Administrator – Entry materials must be handed in before you leave the meeting tonight.  Please reiterate to your managers that they must put in their physical address and fill in all the contact information requested.

After the division structure committee meets, your managers will be able to get their pin numbers.  The manager/coach will be able to update their contact info around the third week of February.

Gina Clapp – Secretary – No Report

Anne Maynes – Treasurer – Financial report was prepared b Renner and Company.  Anyone interested in looking over the report will be scanned and placed on the NCSL website.

Andy Schoka – No Report

Ray Greenberg – No Report

Good of the Game – Lisa Wilson encouraged everyone to attend the Virginia Youth Soccer Convention being held at the Hyatt Crystal City Virginia.

Claire Filemyr made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was second by Lisa Wilson.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.