NCSL Board Meeting

Marshall High School – Michael’s Hall

Ray Greenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Roll Call indicated the following Clubs were not in attendance: Ashburn, Crofton, and Westminster.

Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked the board to accept the May 3, 2010 minutes.  The board approved the minutes by unanimous consent.


NCSL Commissioners:

Claire Filemyr – MD – This season she has received numerous requests for teams changing Club affiliations.  Requests must be accomplished by the drop-dead date of July 9, 2010.  Teams must meet this drop-dead date, in order for the team to change clubs.

PCA workshop dates are Aug 23 and 26.  Registrations are trickling in. The list indicating where a coach stands with their certification can be found on the NCSL website

Also, check the list to see what teams must attend the new admin meeting.

High School teams must submit a structure form.  Teams should submit this form so the structure committee is aware how well they do in tournaments and their State Cup games especially those teams that have sat out.

Maureen Daulbec – Virginia - no report.


Mike Basileo – Maryland -   The new registration system training will be repeated.  Keep an eye on the MSYSA Website for the dates.

Lisa Wilson - Virginia –The Virginia system is up and going.   Everyone should have his or her kid-safe registration in the system.  All of the leagues are registered; several clubs have not gotten their information in.

An email was sent by Kathleen Sessions to all Virginia teams informing new team managers or managers who want to attend training on the registration system will take place here (Marshall High School cafeteria) from 12 – 3PM newbie session and 3 -5PM anyone who needs a review.

Deadlines for the Virginia team rosters – are in the email and posted deadlines to get to the registrars - July 31 – playing in preseason tournament 1st or 2nd weekend in August -   August 4th – if they are playing the following two weeks and Labor Day and Sept 1st for the start of leagues.

Barry Finkelstein - Rules & Discipline:

Personally thought the season was good – 2700 yellow & red cards were issues.  21 items came to the R&D Committee.

Sent out a summary of this season’s incidents – please look over for any corrections before we put it on the website.  Reviewed the issues brought before the R&D committee.

They are entering the card information and will be sending out emails concerning unserved sit-outs.

Kathleen Sessions - NCSL Administrator:

Please hand in your registration packets before you leave tonight.  Kathleen mentioned that there are so many teams transferring clubs, 25 to 30 teams so far.  Trophies have been ordered and they should be on their way any time now. 

Kathleen will review the packets tomorrow, any problems she will let you know via email.  Any teams dropping out please send the drop forms for your teams that dropped have decided to drop.

July 9th the fields are due, drop forms are due and schedule requests.

NCSL Secretary – no report

NCSL Treasurer – Anne Maynes – Subject checks - working on STAR checks – we have an enormous number of coaches & managers whose addresses are not in the contact information.  Please be sure to add your addresses for your coaches and managers, it will assist us in getting the checks out to the teams.

NCSL VP – no report

Ray Greenberg - NCSL President – Kathleen and Ray meet with Demosphere.  Discussed going to an electronic game card.  Will be doing this – we will do the dual systems for several seasons – referee will go into system and enter game info – card info – jersey # and player. 

The electronic game card will give you the opportunity to verify the score is correct.  When you see errors and report them, it will get that info to R&D quicker and can be corrected.  It allows the referees the ability to rate the teams.  Parents are 1 – 5, player 1-5 and coaches 1-5.  We will be able to tell which teams are doing well.

Player’s names will not appear on the public pages only on the team pages.  Ray will test and send an email when

It is ready.  This will give us opportunity to notice those teams displaying good.

New Business:

Motion to allow Shepherdstown WV based Eastern Panhandle InterCounty Soccer Club (EPIC) to pay their home matches with in the State of West Virginia and more specifically Jefferson County West Virginia.

The motion was second by Lisa Wilson.  Motion carries.

Ray Greenberg asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Claire Filemyr made motion, Lisa Wilson second the motion.  Motion to adjourn approved unanimously.