NCSL Board Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2014

Westin-Falls Church VA


Meeting was called to order by the NCSL President Richard Smith – 7:30 PM


Roll Call indicated the following clubs were not in attendance:  Annandale, Arlington, Barca, Braddock Rd.,

Burke, Columbia Soccer Club, Cuigini, Freedom Soccer, Fairfax, Maryland Rush, SAC, Southwestern and Waldorf.





Claire Filemyr – Maryland Commissioner – PCA – NCSL really doesn’t want to collect or access fines to the clubs whose coaches have not met the PCA certification requirements.  Please encourage your coaches to keep their certifications current.  

Claire is the Volunteer Coordinator for the National Championship that will be held at the Maryland Soccer Plex this July.  Volunteers required are – 90 field marshals, 40 people for the water crews, it’s a wonderful affair please come help us and volunteer.


Maureen Dalbec – Virginia Commissioner – no report


Lisa Wilson – VA Registrar – Virginia is working on the 2014-15 registration.  If there is anything that can make registration easier for clubs/club reps., please send the ideas to Lisa. 


Kathleen Sessions - Administrator – packets will be handed out tonight after the meeting.

There is a very short window to get the registration complete by June 17 the next board meeting when packets are required to be handed in.


Good season so far – weather has cooperated with us.


Secretary – no report


Anne Maynes - NCSL did not raise their fees, VYSA raised their fees $1.00 and that fee will be added to the Virginia Clubs NCSL fees forms. 


Stephanie -no report


Richard Smith – President – NCSL AGM moved to June 17th.   Anyone interested in running for President or Secretary please contact Howard Kohn.


New Business:

Three clubs – apply for admission into the NCSL.  Culpepper, Real Rockville and Tri County


Culpepper -- Representative gave his presentation to the board.


Howard Kohn made the motion to accept Culpepper Soccer Assoc. into the NCSL –second by Lisa Wilson.  Culpepper Motion was approved.


Real Rockville -- 3 Representatives gave their presentation.


Howard Kohn made the motion to accept this Club Real Rockville motion second by Future.   Motion did not carry.


Tri County – Representative gave his presentation

Motion to accept Tri County as a member of NCSL was made by Howard Kohn - second by Lisa Wilson. 

Motion was approved.


President adjourned the meeting by unanimous consent at 9:20 PM.