NCSL Board Meeting

March 24, 2016

Westin Hotel


The meeting was called to order at 7:32 p.m.

  1. Roll Call


Roll call indicated that the following clubs were not in attendance: Bethesda Soccer Club; Braddock Road Youth Club; Burke Athletic Club; Capital Futbol Club; Chantilly Youth Soccer Club; Columbia Soccer Club; DC Stoddert; Fredericksburg FC; Freedom Soccer Club; Great Falls Athletic Assoc.; McClean Youth; Montgomery Soccer Club; Northern Virginia Soccer Club; Sterling Youth Soccer; Southwestern Youth Association; Takoma Park Soccer Club; Virginia Soccer Club; Woodbridge Soccer Club; and Washington Soccer Club.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the January meeting.Motion seconded and approved.


  1. Reports


Maureen Dalbec – VA Commissioner.  Reminder that Coaches need to check current status of PCA certification and renew if necessary, same with STARS certification.


Kathleen Sessions – NCSL Administrator.  Spring game cards have been handed out at the meeting, everything else clubs need should be on line for the Spring season.  NCSL is doing flex scheduling again so reminded clubs that submit flex reschedule by 5 pm Tuesday before a game, with signatures from both club representatives on the flex form.  Spring schedules are posted, and if a club has a State Cup conflict, they should have the club representative alert NCSL and the game will be rescheduled.


Richard Smith – President.  Outlined the four ways that a club/team can be fined:  (1) failure to attend the new team meeting; (2) failure to have two STARs; (3) failed to have PCA training for coach; and (4) failed to include player names and numbers for teams U12 and above.


               STARS – heard WAGS was going to eliminate volunteer referees for U12 games, leaving only a center referee.NCSL will maintain its STARS program as is.As to the US Soccer changes, Fall 2016 the age group changes will be implemented; and field sizes and roster changes are not required until Fall 2017.Last Wednesday, VYSA increased its fees by $5/player, which affects all VA travel players starting Fall 2016, and will be reflected in the NCSL fees.





  1. New Business


2016-17 NCSL Budget.Presentation by Anne Maynes.NCSL is not raising fees, does include the increased VA fees.Motion to approve budget, Motion seconded.Motion passed unanimously.


U9-U11 Concussion Policy and Motion (copy attached).  NCSL President presented the Proposed Modifications to the NCSL Laws of the Game, No Heading (U11 and below), sponsored by multiple clubs (listed on Motion).  Both MSYSA and VSYA passed the same amendment language which is required policy for US Youth Soccer games, both travel and recreation.   The policy and history behind the proposed language was discussed, including the science and connected litigation settlement. 


Motion to approve the amendment, 5 seconds.Motion was discussed.Motion approved by a majority of NCSL members.


Meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.