NCSL Board Meeting

May 2, 2016

Westin Hotel

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.

I. Roll Call

Roll call indicated that the following clubs were not in attendance: A3; Annandale Boys and Girls Club;

FCVA Ashburn; Chantilly Soccer Club; Columbia Soccer Club; Freedom Soccer Club; Fort Washington

Soccer Club; La Plata; Lee Mt.-Vernon; Leesburg Football Club; Maryland Rush; Reston Soccer Club; SAC;

Southwestern Youth Association; Tri-County; Virginia Blackwatch; Woodbridge Soccer Club; and

Washington Soccer Club.

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the March meeting. Motion seconded and approved.

II. Reports

Lisa Wilson – VA Registrar. Reminder that the deadline the registrars have set for having team rosters

approved for games is Thursdays by 7 pm, for all league games in NCSL, WAGS, and ODSL. Although

registrars try to be flexible, submitting rosters just prior to a game may result in players not being able

to play that game.

Alan Paez – Rules and Discipline. Thanked club representatives for getting roster and jersey information

updated through the NCSL website. Only ten teams were noncompliant for Spring 2016. Also, we

received some feedback that some parents are behaving inappropriately with referees. Just a reminder

that clubs need to ensure parents are in control on sidelines, and if there are any complaints about

refereeing of games, the appropriate method for dealing with those concerns is through the online

referee feedback system.

Kathleen Sessions – NCSL Administrator. Reminder about the rain procedures for alerting NCSL

regarding field closures: please be sure to include name of fields closed and if possible the game

numbers impacted for that particular day. It is difficult for NCSL to identify which fields are turf and may

remain open if we are told only that turf fields are closed.” As for Fall 2016, reminder that because of

the age group changes, ALL teams will be assigned a new team number, and every single team will be

submitted through Demosphere as if they were a new team. New fee forms will be emailed tomorrow,

which will reflect new fee increase for Virginia travel players. Note that U18 and U19/20 will be added

as age groups due to the new age structure for Fall 2016. If the VYSA fee increase is not approved, then

we will refund overpayments.

Richard Smith – President. Main order of business tonight is to discuss merging league operations with

WAGS and to enable NCSL to take on operations of a girls league. Introduced members of the WAGS

Board that attended the NCSL meeting. Sally D’Italia, WAGS president, gave some remarks about the

merger, and observed that WAGS was excited to join forces with NCSL and to focus WAGS’s energies,

going forward, on initiatives centered on strengthening and developing girls soccer. NCSL president

noted that the Executive Committee had reached out to the WAGS board about the possibility of merger

and was excited about growing league play in the region. Overall goal is to improve service for the

member clubs across both the girls and boys leagues.

III. New Business

Formation of Girls league. President discussed text of motion #1, Adopt team entry rules for girls

league (copy attached). Lisa Wilson asked whether NCSL bylaws needed to be amended to allow for

girls league; NCSL bylaws do not specify gender, and therefore, no amendments required before

considering motion. Questions were asked about the number of teams each WAGS club had within age

group and whether that would present challenges in admission to NCSL; Smith explained expectation

that no existing WAGS team would be denied entry based on any restrictions per age group based on

current WAGS membership. WAGS meeting is next week and if for any reason WAGS Board does not

approve moving forward with merger, motions under consideration do not require NCSL to take on a

girls league. President Smith indicated NCSL had spoken to more than 40 clubs and their

representatives and the clubs were excited about the idea of the merger, so Smith was confident merger

would move forward, approved by both Boards.

Motion #1 proffered; seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Motion #2 – Adopt Rules and Procedures for girls league proffered (copy attached). Motion discussed.

Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Motion #3 – Offer membership in NCSL to current WAGS member clubs discussed (copy attached).

Smith noted that six clubs currently belonged to WAGS that were not members of NCSL and motion

authorized Executive Committee to reach out to those clubs and to offer admission to NCSL. Motion

was proffered. Seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Motion #4 – Authorize Housekeeping Modifications to Rules and Procedures to Account for New League.

Text of motion discussed. Motion proffered; seconded . Motion approved unanimously.

Final motion. NCSL President discussed need for a motion to authorize the Executive Committee to

continue in further negotiations with WAGS regarding merger. Need for motion discussed. Motion

proffered; seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Executive Committee Restructuring. In light of the approval of the prior motions, NCSL President noted

need to restructure Executive Committee to add a Commissioner positioner. Structure of Committee is

at judgment of the President, and current thinking was to have 3 Commissioners, organized by age

group (perhaps small sided, middle school and high school), rather than by State as currently exists.

As part of the restructuring, Committee positions will be offered to individuals currently working

primarily with WAGS teams or the WAGS league.

IV. Old Business

NCSL President reminded members of the lengthy April 25 email which discussed the US Soccer Age

Group changes and Rules of Competition extensively. Age group changes will be implemented Fall 2016.

Smith noted that although U7s could play up on U9 teams, asked that clubs not encourage that practice

as too early in soccer development to push kids into travel NCSL soccer. Smith also noted the availability

of provisional rosters to capture players that may be left without a team due to age group changes and

High School sit out play (August – December 8th Graders and Seniors). Provisional roster requests should

be submitted to NCSL Executive Committee with cc to the appropriate registrar for Fall 2016 games and


Question was asked about make-up of NCSL Board and Club member representatives in light of merger

with WAGS. Smith noted that each club is entitled to one representative on the NCSL Board per the

bylaws. NCSL is meeting with Demosphere to add option of an assistant club representative in system,

and each club can decide who will serve as the NCSL club representative. All league operations for both

girls and boys leagues will be run through NCSL.

Changes to Rules of Competition will be discussed and implemented as necessary for Fall 2017 play at

subsequent meetings through the year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.


1. Adopt team entry rules for girls league

Text: To authorize clubs to enter teams in NCSL for play in a competition

comprised solely of girls up to the same maximum number that applies

to the current NCSL league.

Justification: NCSL currently allows clubs to enter up to three new U9-U12 teams

and up to two new U13-U14 teams. There are no limits on the number

of high school aged teams. This motion would duplicate those

maximum restrictions for the girls league.

2. Adopt Rules and Procedures for girls league

Text: To adopt the NCSL Rules and Procedures Manual as the governing

rules for the girls competition, with the exceptions that a) non-results

oriented play will be continued through the Fall U12 season; b) PCA

training shall not be required during the 2016-17 seasonal year; and c)

any team playing in WAGS during either of the past two seasons shall

not be considered a new team.

Justification: This motion extends the current NCSL rules to the girls competition.

The exceptions are designed to incentivize teams to enter into NCSL.

3. Offer membership in NCSL to current WAGS member clubs

Text: To authorize the Executive Committee to offer membership in NCSL to

any club that is currently a member of WAGS, but not currently a

member of NCSL.”

Justification: This motion would authorize the Executive Committee to offer

membership in NCSL to WAGS member clubs to ensure league


4. Authorize Housekeeping Modifications to Rules and Procedures to

Account for New League

Text: To authorize the Executive Committee to make such changes to the

Rules and Procedures manual as are necessary to refer to the girls


Justification: This motion would authorize the Executive Committee to make

housekeeping changes to the Rules and Procedures manual that would

mention the girls competition and define the rules of play for that

competition consistent with the above motions.