NCSL BOD Meeting 11-10-08

NCSL Board meeting minutes


Marshall High School


Nov 10, 2008


Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.


Roll call indicated the following Clubs were not in attendance:  Ashburn Soccer Club, Chantilly Soccer Club, LaPlata Soccer Academy, and Takoma Park Soccer Club.


Seeing and hearing no objections, Ray Greenberg asked that the minutes be accepted from the August 28, 2008. Minutes were accepted.


Claire Filemyr – Maryland Commissioner – PCA workshops are tentively scheduled for March 26 the Double Goal II and April 2 the Double Goal I. The dates will be posted on the website when confirmed.  You will also find on the NCSL website a list of all NCSL coaches the level of certification and date they must recertify.  Please verify that your coaches PCA certification has not expired. 


The spring registration packet that Kathleen will hand out tonight there are multiple copies of the high school form.  Every high school team must submit this form.  Please fill in the teams state cup record,  number of players returning to the team, and a copy of the roster.  If needed, you can attach extra sheets.  This information is needed by the structure committee.


Maureen Dalbec - Virginia Commissioner – Please submit updated field information for the fields your club submits in their field loading.  Be sure to include an actual street address since GPS requires to locate the field.


Mike Basileo – Maryland Registrar – Maryland ODP is up on the Maryland website, registration for ODP closed the end of this month.  Information about ODP can be found on the Maryland website.


Debi Honaker reported for Lisa Wilson - Virginia Registrar – Lisa reported to Debi that everything is going well.


Debi Honaker – Rules & Discipline Co-Chair – 35 hearings have been held.  The hearings have gone well.


Kathleen Sessions – Administrator – All games have been played.  We need to order trophies for a couple of Divisions.  The teams in those divisions should receive the awards in 2 weeks.  All other trophies should arrive in 4 or 5 days.


Be sure to pick up your packet for the spring entry fees.


Gina Clapp - Secretary - No report


Anne Maynes – Treasurer – Ray Greenberg reported for Anne.  Spring season fees will be increased $5.00 per team.

Andy Schoka - Vice President –We are in the process of a website upgrade.  Also working on a website survey.


Ray Greenberg – There are 4 new Clubs applying for admission into the NCSL:

Rockville FC, Pachuca FC, Frederick Soccer Club, and Premier AC.  This will keep the committee busy over the winter break.  These Clubs if accepted can not be admitted into the NCSL until fall 09 season.  Any information or feedback about these Clubs, please forward to Ray’s attention.  Howard Kohn will be handling the Maryland Clubs.


VYSA workshop is scheduled for Jan 23 & 24th – Crystal City – Maryland teams are invited since MSYSA isn’t holding a workshop this year.


Meeting was held at the Demosphere office demonstrated their new website.  This new system can record game information in real time.  One con, we lose the ability to keep track of home and away games. One issue is field scheduling.  Currently scheduling is done at the Demosphere level working with WAGSL & NCSL.  Ray had discussions with Kathie Diapoulis, WAGSL and invited WAGSL to join in the meeting.  WAGSL is looking at some other options.  The system will be up in April 2009 and will be available to use in fall 2009.


New Business - Motion to implement spectator fines was submitted by Arlington Sterling second the motion.  If a spectator is ejected the R&D committee can levy a $200.00 for first incident, $400.00 for second incident in same game.  Call for vote - motion defeated.


Motion to adjourn at 8:30 PM.





Next Meeting – January 12 , 2009