NCSL BOD Meeting Minutes - 11-13-07

NCSL Board Meeting

Meeting held Marshall High School – Fall Church, Virginia

Nov 13, 2007


Meeting was called to order at 7:35PM.  Roll indicated the following clubs were not in attendance: Arlington, Ashburn, Chantilly, Fauquier, Fort Washington, Lee Mt. Vernon, Northern VA, Southwestern, Team America Football, Team and Washington Soccer.

Seeing and hearing no objections, the minutes from the August 30, 2007meeting were approved by unanimous consent.  


Maryland Commissioner - Claire Filemyr – PCA – thanks for tracking coaches PCA certification.  There are 2 more meetings coming up prior to the start of the spring season.  Club Rep must verify list of coaches to see who will need to be recertified.  Coaches who attend the Double Goal I & II workshops, their certification will be good for 4 years from date the second workshop is taken.  Online certification does not apply to the 4 year certification; coaches must attend both workshop classes.


High School forms – every team must submit a high School structure form.  If you have additional information, please submit a second page.


VA Commissioner - Maureen Dalbec – no report


Maryland Registrar – Mike Basileo – no report.


Virginia Registrar – change of league procedure any team relegated there are instructions on how to apply to ODSL.


Rules & Discipline – R&D – Ray Greenberg reported that Gary Gorsicki has stepped down as Chairman.  There were a few open R&D issues that were unresolved.  Debi Honaker has stepped up to be the chair until we find a replacement.  There were 5 protests – 2 of which were not valid and the 3 protests decisions were given for those issues.  If you have an open item that has not been address, contact Ray or Debi.  As far as cards – we have a volunteer to take this on.  All the cards will be entered and recorded – will issue a report in January for the sit-outs carried over.

Tony Falcone of Bethesda made a suggestion that Demosphere come up with a way to enter referee report/game cards online. 


NCSL Administrator - Kathleen Sessions – Md. Teams hand in your rosters. (Need this to verify yellow or red cards issued to players or coaches).  Spring Registration packages are ready to be handed out after the meeting.  Trophies are on there way.


Treasurer – Anne Maynes – all but 29 teams have sent in their star cards.


Secretary – Gina Clapp – No report


Vice President – Debi Honaker unable to attend, Ray Greenberg reported for Debi.  There were higher numbers of teams dropping from the league after the season began.  This is bad for teams, bad for the opponents and bad for the league. 

There are a large number of teams on the wait list.  To verify these are legitimate teams,   we will ask that a roster be submitted along with the check when applying for the wait list.  Those teams on the wait list now, club reps should submit a roster along with the spring entry paperwork.


President Report – Ray Greenberg – no report.

New business – A motion was made to pay NCSL registrars. Motion was second. Discussion.   Motion carries.

Motion was made and second to adjourn the meeting. Motion carries.  Lisa made motion. Laurel second the motion. Motion carries.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted:


Regina Clapp