NCSL BOD Meeting Minutes 6-13-16

NCSL Board Meeting

June 13, 2016

Westin Hotel


The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.

  1. Roll Call


Roll call indicated that the following clubs were not in attendance: Chantilly Soccer Club; Columbia Soccer Club; DC Stoddert; Freedom Soccer Club; Future Soccer Club; Maryland United FC; OBGC; Southwestern Youth Association; and Washington Soccer Club.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the May meeting.Motion seconded and approved.


  1. Reports


Maureen Dalbec – VA Commissioner.  Turn in materials for Fall 2016 registration, due today.  July 8, 2016 is the deadline for dropping any team and still receiving a full refund.  Also get in team transfers on time and scheduling requests may be submitted until July 8.


 Mike Basilio (presentation by Howard Kohn in his absence) – MD Registrar.  The MSYSA website will be up and fully functional July 4.  In light of the age changes, there will be a U19/U20 age group consisting of 1998/1997 birthdays, for the Fall season.  Richard Smith noted that the U19/U20 is a pilot program this year that he suspects will be made permanent by US Soccer, and will cover the second half of 1997 birthdays and 1998 birthdays.  


Kathleen Sessions – NCSL Administrator.  Reminded attendees to get parking validated in light of new parking system at hotel.  Reminder that if a club electronically submitted a team and is not going to play, please be sure to withdraw that team as soon as possible.  Need to have field permits entered by July 8 in order to be able to start working on Fall schedule.  As to those teams on waitlist that have been offered a Fall spot, need to know by end of week if will accept spot and play in league.


Anne Maynes - Treasurer.  Please check each of the fee forms you submitted for your teams to make sure you submitted the correct fee amount.


Richard Smith – President.  Reviewing the Fall applications, 1,168 teams have applied and accepted to be in the league.  More girls teams will be in the NCSL Fall season than there were in WAGS last spring, very excited about the season.  By July 8, please check that the correct manager and coach is listed for each team as those will be important contacts for the league.  Richard also emphasized the option of provisional rosters for kids on a team where most of the kids are sitting out a season due to high school sports (and younger kids are still in middle school).  The Rules and Procedures for NCSL are currently under revision to incorporate the various motions that have been approved at prior meetings and to update pronouns, etc. 


Richard emphasized that the girls’ teams will be subject to the same rules with two exceptions: (1) PCA will not be required for coaches for the 2016-17 season for girls’ teams only; and (2) Girls’ teams will be placed in a division structure as of Spring of U12 (rather than U11 as applied to boys).PCA classes are scheduled in August, please check NCSL calendar for dates.Richard emphasized STARs requirement for U12/U13 teams and asked clubs to remind teams need certified STAR referees for those age groups.


Richard discussed the anticipated changes to the NCSL Executive Committee, in light of merger with WAGS.He noted that there would be at least one Commissioner opening and encouraged anyone that was interested in serving on Committee to reach out.Lisa Wilson resigned as VA registrar so also need to find a new registrar to replace her.


The “new” team meetings are scheduled for 8/22 and 8/29.In terms of which teams are considered “new,” all U9 teams and most U10 teams are new so team managers should be sure to attend.Clubs should use their best judgment as to who would be a new team; if the team played in WAGS it is not new.Important to come to team meeting or will be fined.


As to Division Structure, some leagues are just imposing same division structure on teams based on Spring 2016 standings, regardless of what age group team will play in under new age groups.NCSL Executive Committee plans to schedule calls with each club to walk through the teams playing in league and where the team should be placed based on competitive level.It is important that each team complete the structure form with as much information as possible as to make up of team(s) for each age group (including putting old team number from Spring 2016 on the form in comment field).Encourage each club to have their technical director participate in the NCSL calls, and NCSL will provide a list of questions ahead of time so club can prepare its stats/responses.


  1.  New Business


New Club Application – South River Soccer.   Howard presented background on club.  Club is based out of Anne Arundel County, currently has 5 girls teams and 3 boys teams that would play in NCSL. Previously played under A3 club, and South River represented that it had the support of the A3 Club to join league.   Has good field availability.  Executive Committee recommends accepting club to NCSL.   SRS Club representatives spoke in support of application.  Motion to approve admission of club made and seconded; majority of members approved, and motion passed.


New Club Application – South County Athletic Association (SCAA).  Howard presented background on club.  Organized in Lorton, VA area.  Has approximately 8-9 teams that would join the league, and is part of the South County middle school development that has access to multiple fields, including lighted and turf fields.  Executive Committee recommends accepting application.  SCAA Club representatives spoke in support of application and answered questions from NCSL members.  SYC Club representative spoke in opposition to application and expressed concern about saturation of market and competition to recruit the same pool of players.    Motion to approve admission of club made and seconded; majority of members approved; and motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m.